It had to happen!!!!!!!!!!!

1:05 PM

I'm mad and furious at this stupid governement once more for ignoring the real problems this city has and concentrate on pathetic issues instead.

This time it did cost the life of an 8 years old girl! To read the article that had me in a bad mood this morning click here :

Now for those who don't want to read the article, it is about stray dogs, and how they killed savagely an 8 year old girl!

Since my day one in India I found those stray dogs intimidating and wondered why the heck no one seemed to mind. Because let's face it, a dog is a pack animal, and packs are territorial. When threatened, they attack. The problem in Bangalore, is that first of all, there are way too many dogs around, and they now tend to see any innocent passer by as a threat. 
Hospitals in cities report each around 100 cases a month of bites inflicted by those dogs. Some are rabid and despite the fact that the animal activists deny it, there has been human death due to rabies. I myself nearly got attacked twice. The first time DH and I were just on our bike driving on the road and one of those dogs ran after us trying to grab my leg. The second time, I've been assaulted by two dogs while I was walking my own dog. I shouted for assistance immediately and they ran away after someone threw stones at them. In our neighbourhood there has been a lady bit by a dog, and a dalmatian attacked by one of those sick mutts, parents are affraid to let their kids play alone in the street (a quiet residential street with not much traffic), and those dogs wake us up all night long with their bark and growl.
Yet the governement is not doing much. Now and then they give money to some associations to catch the dogs, kill the mean ones and neuter the rest of the pack before...YES...releasing them back in the city. There are no shelters to keep them from creating havoc in the street, and the neutering program rarely works because half of the dogs are still intact and keep breeding away.

The governement admitted that dogs dwell where there are garbage, but that the carbage are cleared daily by the people assigned to this task.
I say TRUE. Every morning there is a sweet lady in my street who takes care of the trash and dust in our street. But I think a little education of the masses on garbage disposal, AND the setting of a proper unit to dispose those are urgently needed. Dumping everything in a pile until it's smelly enough to put on a truck is NOT a good solution, stray dogs feast on it and fiercely attack any poor sould who would dare walking by the dump area or worse....add up a bag to the endless pile.
Now, just maybe, it would be time to stop worrying about how Kannada language is represented in school, and about the new name of the city and tackle some more urgent problems like "Road improvement". Or make sure everybody has access to clean water, or that kids get to go to school, and make sure the city remains clean.
In Europe we have an efficient garbage collecting system with trucks, not push carts and wooden broom, garbage bags are disposed of in tin bins (the heavy model  with a lid where dogs can't climb in) and cleared daily.
When trash is stops being accessible, dogs will leave. And while we are in trash management, the other day I nearly got a pile of junk land on my head because my lazy neighbour could not go down one flight of stairs to put it by her gate. Throwing it down her balcony in front of OUR gate is far simpler right? People do not care about those stuff, and worse insult the dignity of those who clear their crap.
I wonder how many bothered saying "Good Morning" to the trash collector lady, or flet guilt at seeing her wallow in the mud and dirt of the gutter picking up the plastic bottles they could simply not thrown in a trash bag and put in her cart!

The ignorance of our governement caused the death of a girl in the most horrible way : thorn appart by 9 stray dogs! When will EVERYBODY wake up???


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