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Sorry I've been missing in action, due to work, in-laws and life in general.

Last time I wrote, it was about the killing of a girl by stray dogs. And just 2 weeks ago it's another death by dog pack that created a turmoil. Once again the governement shone in their brilliant incompetency, killing several hundreds of dogs in the city just to appease the public. Efficiently divinding the citizens between dog hater and dog lovers. In the  past two weeks, I read the most absurd stuff in the paper and hear even more abusrd comments from my neighbours.
Whats more, just last week my labrador Jasmine found a street puppy which I took home, had checked by a vet and now desperately want to give for adoption to a good familly or a shelter that wont kill her or dump her back in the street.

Just this morning, I read in the paper that the governement hired some experts to discuss dog behaviours and I was once more outraged because one of the expert apparently said : "Non vegetarian dogs are generally more agressive than vegetarian dogs".


I mean is this guy serious? Does he actually know anything about dogs? You can't say non-veg dogs are more aggressive just because the two death accidents occured in an area where there are meat stalls. My neighbours are feeding a stray dog everyday with meat lefover and this dog never bit anyone! And do actually people know that dogs are carnivorous animals to begin with and by definition eat non-veg food?

True some dogs display agressive behaviour, but I noticed that humans tend to trigger aggressive behaviour simply due to their complete ignorance. In my neighbourhood alone, people will throw stones at dogs before they did anything bad. If I were a dog teased in this manner I would become increasively pissed and strike back at the 2 legged offender. I mean come on! How long would you keep quiet and passive if someone threw stones at you for no reasons?
  Parents also teach their kids to FEAR dogs. Without even knowing that a dog smell fear and will attack if they feel they are in a dominant position. I saw kids in my neighbourhood run away from stray dogs and pet dogs alike screaming like they were dying on the spot and saw dogs chase them until someone scared the dog away.

As a kid i was told to be CAUTIOUS about dogs. I don't know not to fear them!

Two days ago I took Jasmine and the puppy outside and my neighbours came to me with "advises" all tending to kick the mongrel back in the street where it belongs as it was a dangerous dog....
PUH LEEEEEEEEEEEZE the puppy is 6 weeks old and barely can chew give her a break! When I told them that just because she is not pure breed it does not make her a public hazard and that any dog properly trained can be obedient and loving. To that the lady told me that...only pure breeds can be trained street dogs are not smart enough and are violent.
And tried to drive her point home claiming that several dogs around here are actually dangerous. I told her I found that puzzling as I passed by those dogs she claimed should be put down to sleep and never had a problem. They simply ignore me.
I then told her in front of the kids that dogs feel fear, and if you pass by them fearing them or throwing stones at them they will attack, that in all circumstance you should stay CALM in front of a dog.  She again swore that it was not true and that those dogs want to draw blood.
Whatever Ma'am! But, when I tell your kids NOT TO RUN away from my dog I mean it.

I grew up in a country where stray dogs do no pose a menace, we have close to none roaming the streets. And yet, I seem to know more about their behaviour and how I should behave toward them than any of my neighbours, or even the infamous Dog specialists the governement hired.
So, here are some REAL advises that should be taught to kids and older people around here :

1) Street dogs obey one rule only : The law of the jungle, with no owners to feed them they need to be strong to survive, the weaklings die, the strong survives. If you were kicked out of your house with no money and no way of making some, chances are you will try to ally with people in a similar position and use all means even the less ethical in order to survive.

2) Dogs are PACK animals, and no the pack leader is not the most agressive, but the one who thinks calmly and has leadership qualities essential to the survival of his pack. If the pack is threatened, the leader will lead an attack, this is that simple. As Cesar Millan ( a real dog expert by the way) says : The pack leader is CALM AND ASSERTIVE, the followers are CALM AND SUBMISSIVE. If you own a dog, it makes YOU the pack leader...period.

3) Dogs who are not under proper leadership will seek to claim the leader position and this happen when they smell fear and uncertainity in a human being. In those cases, the dog feel superior and will show you he is the boss by snapping at you, or jumping at you. It's not a deadly attack it's just an act to make you submissive. If you ignore a street dog, he will ignore you back.

4) Never run from a dog, unless you want to be chased and eventually bitten. Running away is like offering a challenge to the dog and a chance to prove its superiority.Prey instinct runs deep in dogs, the prey runs, the dog chase, simple animal behaviour. Don't run and the dog wont see you as a prey and will NOT chase you.

5) Never throw stones or attack a dog that clearly did nothing wrong to you. What would you do if someone started abusing you for no reasons? Walk away? I don't think so.

6) Dogs are carnivorous, and no, meat is not making them evil and violent. Chances are that a dog forced to survive on cabbage and rice will be more aggressive simply because it is weak and need more food. And no, it's not unethical to serve chicken to a dog. On the other hand denying them what's good for them simply because you are vegetarian and every living thing living in your household should be vegetarian as well is WRONG

7) Stray dogs (mongrels) are not dumber than pure breed. With proper training and attention they make loveable pets and deserve the same care as any other animals. A puppy has the best chance of making a good pet as it has not yet turned feral and learned the law of the jungle fully. Beside if these mutts were indeed dumber, they would not be able to survive in the street.

8) Dogs can teach us a lot, especially that breed do not matter. If my Jasmine was as snobish and snoothy toward strays as most middle class people who look upon the poorer than them. She would not have gone after a stray puppy and certainly not start playing the role of a mother to it as she is doing now. We are all living things, and no one should be graded as inferior or superior. A stray dog is not a lower class people's pet and when you select a pure breed, don't do it just to shout "I have more money than you do". This is plain and stupid, you adopt a dog because you love dogs and select a breed that is compatible with your level of activity and lifestyle, not the size of your wallet and the image you want to give to the community. Where I come from those who display wealth is such moronic ways are called assholes...just so you know...

9) Do a favour to your dog : Vaccine her yearly and give her all the cares she needs.

Well I guess that's all. But seriously, I can see now that the problem is not about what dogs eat, or whether the Birth Control program is working or not, it's about E-D-U-C-A-T-I-O-N. Education of people that is. Once people start being educated about dogs then half the battle will be won already.

In the mean time, I really wish I will stop reading absurdities in the paper or even hear them for that matter.


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