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11:02 AM

Sorry, for not posting much, yet again... Things have been a bit stressful over here.

One week after I brought that street puppy in my home it died. Leaving me very upset and angry. I try to console myself with the fact that I did everything I could to save her, and that at least the last week of her short life was good one. Then, I got busy with work, and my big 7 months old Labrador had her first heat. She is spotting all around the house, and is forbidden to climb on the bed. It frustrate her as she enjoys waking us up in the morning by coming between us and steal our pillows.

The weather is not getting any cooler, and power failures are more frequent. A week ago we spent the whole Sunday without electricity from 10 am to 6 pm, and the next 3 days afterwards were horrible too. One night the light went out leaving us without any fan and sweating in bed for several hours. The past 3 days have been the first ones with no interuptions. Trying to work on the computer in such condition is hard even with a UPS holding the fort for 20 minutes.

Right now I'm at a point I seriously wish to see rain and mud, as my nose is getting irritated with all the dust flying around, and my lungs feel burned and dry inside....not fun at all.


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