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3:32 PM

So after 3 weeks without gas, the dealer finally told us what we should have been told first : that our account has been frozen due to non-activity in the past 6 months!

So as an act of protest we are holding the two empty gas cylinders as a hostage. Then, we went registering with an idenpendant dealer for non-branded, non subsidized cylinders. DH registered in the moring, and we got our cylinder in the evening, a friend of us who use them say that re-fills always happen withing 24 hours.Sounds way more reasonable, and it wouldnt be the first time that something not handled by the governement works better...sigh

I've been quite busy in the past month hence the lack of update. I'm also trying to find the time to log in between power cuts as they happen more and more frequently now that it's Summer and we are all slowly roasting (or steaming????) to death. We had a few rain spells a couple of weeks back that spelled total chaos in the city thanks to poor infrastructure (several areas were flooded). But the weather went back to something cool for a couple of days.

Right now I'm tackling another problem : Cosmopolitan!

I subscribed to the magazine, but am constantly facing a pathetic delivery problem each time they have a special issue, I never get my issue on time and right now May 11th I'm still waiting for the April issue to arrive. I keep getting idiotic appologies from the customer support who keep promising me that I will get it within 2 days...It's been over a week now that I'm waiting to get it within two days, but each time I send them a complaint I get the same "I'm sorry for the inconvenience, you will recieve the new copy in 2 days time"
Now the question remains wether I will recieve the April Issue before the May issue comes out. Which I'm waiting for, it seem the Indian team at Cosmo don't seem to understand the importance of having the magazine on racks on the 1st of the month or at least during the 1st week. Nope, here you get it around the 20th if you buy on the rack and around the 25th if you are a subscriber.
Now do you think they have a problem of deadline? Now it wouldn't be the first time I see that in a company in India...Kind of annoying since I come from Switzerland, a very punctual country and the land of the world famous Swiss watch. India is a lesson in patience indeed.


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