Feeling sluggish

11:09 AM

The weather is really wierd down there and it's making me feel seriously lazy. Heavy rains falling in the neighbouring State of Tamil Nadu seem to affect us in Bangalore as we get the leftovers. With the end result that the air is humid, and because it's October it's getting a bit colder making it for cool to cold mosquito infested nights And somewhat warm and humid days.

As soon as the sun set it starts getting cloudy and pour down, on Tuesday it started raining cats and dogs so Suddenly that both my dog and I jumped in surprise from our relative lethargy on the sofa.

For the past few days all I want is sleep and do nothing, and Jasmine seem to think it's a good idea, yesterday she was making a show of dragging her body around to find the most confortable spot to resume her long nap in sight of her favourite humans.

At this time of the year I generally feel energized and exited about the festive season coming, but right now I'm groaning at the idea of having to do laundry so that I have fresh clothes to pack in my suitcase to take of for Lucknow next week (not to mention I have an ambitious cookie baking plan on the way that I just think of getting started on).

I'm sure that my friends living in cooler region of the globes must smile at the idea I must be feeling cold and damp in South India, the truth is I read about them gathering dry leaves and lighting fires in the fireplace and try to remember what it is like, I sure like the cosy feeling associated with Fall in Switzerland but I can do without the cold they start feeling LOL, I became a serious flip flop addict...thinking of it, I should buy some more split toe socks before leaving because my dog hid half of them, with the results I have a lot of mismatched socks I can't wear, I wouldn't mind the mismatch effect, but with split toe there is such a thing as a left and right sock, and you can't put them on any other way. Of course simpler than braving croweds of Diwali shoppers this weekend for those stupid socks would be to once for all solve the ratest mystery in humanity :
The location of the temple of lost socks....that way I could resume being sloggish without freezing feet or the need to write a dumb blog entry :-)


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