Stuffed and ready to blow

3:17 PM

Ok now that the acid attack is dealt with (I'm right now not letting myself notice in the psycho neighbour's part of the street on DH's advice) I can continue relating my Diwali holidays.

November 11th was the final day of rituals and traditions associated to Diwali with the brothers paying a visit to their sisters in other to get their blessing. And if you don’t have a real sister, then that’s not a problem. In India first cousins are often referred to as brothesr and sisters. In DH’s case, that’s what is happening, he has no biological sister, but has a couple of cousin sisters he had to visit. So, we all headed to the house of the same Aunt and family who dropped by for a chaat on the 8th. That too after DH dropped my SIL to he parent’s place for the day, headed for the fire ritual and only after we stuffed ourselves with breakfast number 2 at a relatives place.
Once at our Aunt’s place we had more sweets, more snacks, more food, more tea, more sweets and yet more snacks while playing card games involving gambling and lots of fun (it is apparently common to play money games in family during the diwali festivities). DH and I were quite unlucky and lost our 100+ rupees contribution in a game of “flush” (simplified poker) and a game of “banko” that had everybody joking and laughing and generally having the best time ever.

Each time I see all our relatives packed under one roof I can’t help but think of the Movie “My big fat Greek wedding” as it is exactly that way with lots of jokes, noise, hugging, feeding and laughter going round, so not like in my family even on a jovial Christmas party (which is generally quite loud already).
That day I must have eaten at least 5000 calories, and found myself struggling with gas and loose motion by the end of the day wondering if I’ll ever fit back in my jeans once back in Bangalore (I wore traditional loose fitting Indian dresses called salwaar kameezes the whole time…they make you forget about waistlines issues as the pants are all loose fitting drawstring pants). How much exercise I will need to recover from the Diwali binge? No idea, I’m still working on the previous years of Diwali sweets eating.
Doctors should recommend a trip to India as part of the treatment to rehabilitate anorexic patient as there are some sweet shops around here that would make you gain a few pounds just by having a look at their displays, or by just taking a sniff of freshly made ladoos or jalebis. I’m not even talking about the main courses of curries, fried breads and thick gravies here, the one person who said Indian cuisine is healthy probably never tasted the real thing that’s for sure. Because a lot of it, especially in North India is quite fattening.


  1. lol, I have to make tons of "healthy changes" to the recipes when I make indian food. My only sure way of getting healthy indian food is when I make it. Its out the window if Im at a friends house or a restaurant. ;)
    Sounds like you had a good time :)

  2. Like you I make healthy change to indian cooking when I do it at home LOL
    I started by investing in a good non-stick kadai (wok) so I can cook using less oil. And I don't use ghee while cooking, unless it is a festive reciepe. I will serve the ghee on the side for those who want to add fat to their meal LOL.
    I'm also not much of a fan of overcooking stuff so I can preseve vitamins. And anything fired is out of the daily diet and saved only for special occasions.

  3. What's ghee? ;) LOL I absolutely refrain from using that stuff.

    I need to get one of those non stick woks. One of my Indian friends has one and she gave me these great cooking lessons (coconut green beans comes to mind :).. Ever since then I've had my eye out for one.

    I'm also careful about cooking veggies till they are just starting to get soft; we still have nutrients and they are still in their natural form as opposed to too soft and turning into a puree.


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