Threatened of Acid attack

3:41 PM

There are times during which India shell shock me. Today was one of those, exept the acid threat was done to me. My "crime" having my dog poop in the street.

This is not the first time I get downright insulted because my dog poop on a public street, but this time has been the most irritating for me so far. I was casually walking my dog around, and as it is her horrible habit suddenly squat to poop without warning. And this time the minute she was squatting a guy came out of the house and lashed at me urging me to get my dog to poop somwhere else than in front of the dirt pile his own construction workers set there occupying half the road anyway.

My first words have been "sorry, I'm trying to..." before the guy interrupted me not even noticing I was pulling hard on the leash to remove Jasmine from her potty spot before he started insulting me some more telling me to let my dog loose in the street or tie her tight in my house forever to then proceed to shout "Pick that up NOW" at me on a tone none too friendly.
To wich I replied as calmly as I could "No I won't do it" . If the guy had been polite to me I would have done it but he downright insulted me and in the 4+ years I've been in India I know that should I have been Indian he would not have asked me to do the job as it is a dirty job which would be downright insulting to ask a middle class person to do. The only reason he lashed at me so violently was that I was a foreigner so I stood my ground.

In his whole yelling fit he shouted so much that the neighbours went out just looking at the scene. He then concluded by arrogantly saying "Don't ever come back" to what I replied "Oh and what are you going to do if I come back? I live here" to what he replied coldly "I'll throw acid at you".

Now acid is a threat I don't take too lightly. He has workers doing some work in his house at the moment (probably underpaid treated like shit workers at that), so acid is something he might have around easily. On top of this, Acid is a "weapon of choice for men around here to attack their wives or women. So I shouted back at him "You do that and you answer to my husband" and made a show of taking my cell phone out to call DH. And of course I told DH right away who told me he would address the problem with the guy in question today itself.

The truth is that I'm actually scared, I'm used to dirty looks, and since we had our dog it's not the first time I've been "racially" insulted asked to "go home" or told "I had no business here" by some old crappy Aunties who have nothing else to do.
Ironically DH can walk Jasmine without problem, and if by horror jasmine does a potty in sight of someone all he get is a "chi chi"

IF someone even bothers commenting on it. But yet I am asked to go back to my country...see the logic?

What is worse is that a cow could poo right in front of someone's gate and nobody would do a thing, ditto with a straydog, but the minute I walk my dog it's like the black plague decended on them...heck some of those ill sayers are those who themselves throw the garbage in the drain.

Someimes I have a feeling they feel they can insult and threaten me so badly just because I'm a foreigner and that everybody will remember me even if they don't know my name as I'm the only one around.

But going so far as threatening my physically (heck acid can and do kill), not only it's's scary.

2014 Update:
This post was written in 2007, that is 7 years ago, a time when pets were still a new concept and there was no poop scoopers, or plastic poop baggies on the market. I also used to make sure jasmine never pooped in the middle of the road then, but that guy was blocking half the road with his construction junk. And like most in my street used to litter the road with household garbage himself. Nobody owning a dog in these days had anything to clean up after their pooch, and as of 2014, when you do you still have many people thinking you are a disgusting nutjob for picking what is essentially just shit off the ground yourself...


  1. Ack..I can’t believe this guy threatened you with acid. That is scary.

    I strongly dislike cleaning up after my IS a yucky job. I finally bought some of those doggy-poop bags. Every time I take my dog out, I tie one around the handle of the leash ready to go when I need it. In the US in many areas (usually neighborhood associations and apartment complexes) you get a fine of around $50 if you don't clean up dog poop. I admit, I don't always clean up after her when I'm in a hurry. ...And I certainly wouldn't if someone were yelling at me!

    Did your DH talk to that guy? Hopefully he set him straight.

  2. DH said to leave it as it is of now as he is not sure wether the guy is politically well connected, but that should he confront me again he would do something as he is disgusted by the fact the guy clearly hans't a problem with the dog but my being a foreigner.
    He would never have yelled at an Indian the way he did yell at me, en certainly would have refrained from ordering me to "pick that up" as most indians will consider that the job of a servant or garbage collector often of very low caste.

    The message he gave me was that I was not like for my being a foreigner and that he thought of himself above me or heck even law...scary and disgusting.

  3. Good idea for your DH to wait and see for now. I would sure hope this guy isn't politically well'd be scary to have a lunatic like him able to pull strings.
    What a sick man.. To treat someone who is a foreigner with such disregard and disrespect is pitiful. He has no right to talk to you like that just because you're a foreigner. It was good you stood your ground.
    Chances are, the neighbors who heard his commotion, probably already think he's nuts. I'd just keep taking walks on that street as if he didn't bother you at all. That's your neighborhood as much as it is his.


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