Bangalooru Habba

2:37 PM

This past weekend DH and I found out that the next 10 days are going to be a cultural festival period in town. With exibits, craft fairs and concerts going on all around the city. So as you can imagine, we went out this weekend.

Saturday : we went to a handicraft fair cum ethnic performing arts exhibit. The whole event took place in and around a school campus, you could roam the stalls, find out about various crafttechniques, buy interesting stuff for your house all this while listening or even watching folk dance and music performance taking place in the outdoor auditorium. We spent 2 hours there, the time for me to buy some ceramics item and for DH to find a printed programme of the weeks event.

Sunday : The Alliance Francaise of Bangalore was holding a free jazz concert, and they will apparently have some events until Thursday. The concert started at 7pm finished at 9pm and we then went grabbing a bite in a nearby restaurant wonderign why on Earth this festival wasn't advertised properly the other years. This year is their 5th edition, but oddly enough is the first year DH and I heard of it. We've been living in Bangalore since 2005 (DH went there in 2004 and said he never heard of it even then).

Needless to say we are all happy to see something happening in this city, and thinking my cousin who is in Pune at the moment is going to reach Bangalore on the last day of the festivities...darn!


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