A lost tradition?

12:21 PM

Christmas is around the corner.
And for me it means it's time to write my holiday greetings and send them to familly and friends. It's a thing I never failed doing, even when I was living in Switzerland, and no matter how often I would meet them, they would get a greeting.
I always found it pleasurable to open your mailbox around that time of the year and get pretty cards to display in your house along with your regular decorations. Greetings have always been part of the festive season for me.

But this year it seems I have less to send, with my cousins not living with their parents anymore and the fact they never gave me their new addresses. The fact most of my friends seem to move around and find emails more convenient makes my pile of greetings to send quite thin.
And thinking of it, I have quite a few friends who do email me instead of sending me greetings, even my familly does it...that's too bad.
I was telling DH so, because I sure think there are occasions when an email is totally inappropriate. Call me old fashioned, but I think Christmas, Diwali, and Birthdays are part of those celebrations that require a pretty card and sparing 5 minutes of your time writting with a pretty pen in them.

And with the "Archies", "Hallmark" and papershops multiplying in the city like bunnies, you would think people would send more of those right? Think again! My mailbox and my networking site pages are flowing with messages, from close friends. I get SMS and calls but no cards.
I didn't send card for Diwali, but that was because we were in Lucknow this year seeing everybody in the familly. And I told DH that the year we don't go, I WILL have cards ready just the same as I have cards ready for my familly for Christmas.

This year I went the extra mile by making my own cards. I Bought some pretty blank card and envelope set made of handmade paper, some glitter pens and paint, and went through my pile of old magazines to find pretty picture to use. By the art of collage and scrapbooking I came up with some unique masterpieces to send my seasonal wishes to my loved ones. It took me time, but I know that the persons who will open them will feel special and remembered and experience that long lost joy of opening a letter and display it the time of a festival, just the way I've always done...and I'll know the spirit of the season is not completely lost to the cyber age.


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