A lot of catching up

3:26 PM

Again I disappeared from the cyberspace for about a week.

My Cousin was touring India for a month and chose to spend the last week of her trip in Bangalore where we had some MAJOR catching up to do. Let's note we haven't seen each other in over 4 years. As usual, the week passed too fast, but we got loads of time to go shopping and sightseeing and our days were filled with rememberance of sweet childhood memories and familly gossip. Our nights were spent turning my rooftop terrasse into our personnal pub were beer would flow every night and food found its way to our doorstep via delivery people while we were playing a good old game of UNO...probably the only card game that can amuse a grown up as well as a child and which will give stomach cramps in no time. Thanks to immediate laughter and hysteria triggered by it.

I enjoy having familly members around me, but funnily it really does not make me miss Switzerland one bit. I somehow feel that my being in India a bit more disconnected from my folks makes our bond stronger and give that very special flavours to the memories we shared.

For example my cousin and I remembered how Christmas was always a big deal in the familly and how grumpy some people would get at the idea to drive around to attend the inevitable luncheon or dinner. How now that everybody is or grown up, or divorced, or moved to another city or country we all feel freed from the Christmas torture while still secretly missing the whole fuss.
How my sis, my cousin her twin and I used to turn the house upsidedown and got scolded for it, how her twin was the more quiet of the lot and the one often used as an example for us to follow (despite me being the eldest). How my sis would be the first one to come with a rogue idea for us to try and then back out at the first sign of trouble often playing Miss Taddle tale on us. Nothing was spared in our crazy race to remember it all : The days we pushed my cousin to plug back and old lamp and then worry she might not survive the night when she got a slight shock doing so. My grand ma organizing major craft activities days in her home for us, and how she would try to teach us about the plants and nature while the only facination we seemed to have was with semi dry cow dung (makes great frisbees)...It's good to remember that I wasn't as sweet as some people might want to think I was. That we all had a mischievous childhood and tales of great antics to talk about. 

We even managed to make the gossip friendly enough so that both my DH and her boyfriend could follow what was going on...I was the official interpreter quite obviously and I think I did a great job at it.


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