It shouldn't have to be that way, right?

10:55 AM

I'm under the weather, or simply pollution. And it seems that for the past 3 years I suffer a lot Around January making me wonder if there isn't a pollen I managed to become allergic to.

I've had asthma for quite some time, and I've been quite pround of keeping it under control with just a puff of Seretide twice a day (and some months without any as I tend to forget to take my meds). But as in any country winter spells HELL for my lungs. South Indian winter is cool and very very dry with dust flying all over the place, that alone is enough to make me diligently remember to take my medicines.

That past week however I've been feeling pretty miserable, with my chest aching like nut, and my peakflow numbers not going up at all (but staying at a somewhat not too alarming number). And I suspect that it's the pollution and the fact I have to commute daily to the language academy for which I work to teach a French class that is making it worse. It seems that with each passing months the smog layer on the road is getting thicker and thicker, and wipping the grime of my face with a white cotton in the evening confirm that the air I breathe is less than clean, otherwise white wouldn't turn black right?

Las friday I was feeling so bad that I cancelled my French class and spent the day inside my home with all windows shut, and a scarf around my nose and mouth to actually breathe something that didn't feel like sand paper scrubbed down my lungs, and on Saturday after a terrible bike ride and a 30 minutes wait on one of Bangalore's most polluted road, I decided to stop relying on my tightly shut helmet alone and add a face mask (adding more stares from people on my meter in the process a thing I hate). Breathing through a face mask is not exaclty pleasant and confortable, but it does its job at keeping me asthma attack free. But each time I have to be carful about my lungs, cover my face, avoid walking around in fumes I keep thinking "Hell it really shouldn't be that way!"

And I mean it, in my 4 years in India I noticed that quite a number of middle class indians will drive their car or motorbike about just anywhere even if it's to go by some bread at the bakery barely a mile away from home. A concept that is way over my head considering that in Switzerland people walk whenever they can (and even use pull along trolleys to go grocery shopping) be it a blazing sun or a bone freezing snowy day. I remember my days in Geneva when I used to take the car only to go to office which was not well connected by the bus service, using my bicycle or the public transports when I could not walk but still could do without a motorised vehicle.
Now agreed that public transport sucks in Bangalore there are still quite a number of places people could jsut walk to, even in the heat of Summer, after all 1 mile or two by feet never really killed anybody right? Even with my asthma and the toxic level of fumes I manage to do as much as possible walking around. And yup I'm pretty sure that if everybody dropped their ego and used their pretty feet we would already cut the gas emition by half in the city making it breathable again for those with disfunctional lungs like me. And don't get me started on using less electricity when it's a known fact that the power comes from coal powered plants.

And yes I must admit that this past week I've been wondering if my lungs would not get permanently scared because of what I breathe and wether I would end up landing in hospital one of those days.


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