A star is born

12:37 PM

First of all I wish you all a Happy New Year,

Now back to business, when I say that a Star is Born, I mean a new supermarket is, and the name is "Star Bazaar"(hence the star title). I happened to pass by it last week on my way back from work and DH and I decided to check it out as it is one of those places where you can buy the stuff at a price inferior to the Maximum Retail Price (MRP).

We decided to pay a visit to it on January 1st since we came up with the logic that most people will avoid going shopping on that day by fear of getting into a big crowd, so we ended up being stampede and queue free.
That put asside, I LOVE the place, because finally this is a supermarket and not some kind of pervert military obstacle course. Goodbye narrow alleys, yacking boring underachieving staff and piles of boxes and trash all over the place. The place was big, airy, had even quite a few imported goods, and had 3 levels guaranteeing that all your needs could be met under one roof. With the ground floor being dedicated to food and food alone, with easily spotable special promotion displays, a huge bakery counter, and a separate meat section where stuff appeard not only to be fresh but where the choice was enough to satisfy me (read in no longer restricted to chicken breast or chicken cut pieces). The 1st floor was all about clothing, houshold items, stationery, toys and appliances, and the 2nd is all about CDs and books.
I wonder how come we had to wait that long for a big group to come up with the idea, Tata group was the one to come up with it, and my prediction is that it'sgoing to be successful. People are going to get addicted to it pretty fast and maybe it will inspire smaller stores to clean up their act.


  1. i have to disagree with you completely. have you visited SPAR yet? its a similar store on Banergatta Road, near Dairy Circle. you may change your mind after visiting that one...

    our experience with Star Bazar has been as inferior as the "inferior to MRP" claim that they make. true, things ARE cheaper, but that's about all. modern hypermarkets are also about the pleasant shopping experience and smart customer service. Tata's Croma and Star Bazar have a long way to go in THAT department!

    We bought a DVD (actually 10) and it turned out to be faulty. Went next day to exchange. They have no player to test the DVD in shop. Sure enough, the exchanged DVD was also faulty. Three trips and 60 bucks for parking later, I had to buy a different movie. The disk is "Manhattan Murder Mystery" (in case anyone else gets conned since they didn't take the stock off the shelf)

    More than the hassle of going back to the shop, wasted petrol and disappointment at not getting to see the 2nd half of the movie was the casual attitude and lack of apology by their staff. They merely said, not our problem if manufacturer fault. That is true, but they wouldn't lose all my future business if they even ACTED concerned and ensured I got the right disk at least the 2nd time!

    What amused me about your post is that Indians assign such low priority to service, that Star Bazaar may well turn out to be a major success story-- like its big brother, Big Bazaar!

  2. Well SPAR is a bit too far from where I live and I'm not sure hubby would want to drive all the way there for grocery (he already whines at the idea to go to Forum). SPAR being an international brand I would expect a superior service anyway LOL.

    But Star Bazaar is what Koramangala has the best to offer so far, the two most pathetic being food world and Big Bazaar...though the few times I bothered going to Monday to Sunday I nearly lost it...10 minutes to cash a 7 rupees bottle of water because the computer can't find it???? And then spend another 10 minutes to give me the change on a note of 10...not good in my book.


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