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Thanks for accepting to be disturbed...Sincerly yours, Vodafone

6:02 PM

I always though mobile phones were to make an receive call...period

But BOY I was wrong, in 2003 when I first moved to India I had a Airtel prepaid connection that was simply fuss less and I would get an occasional telemarketer calling me to check if I wanted to switch from prepaid to postpaid. To which I always replied "No Thanks I don't use the phone that much at the moment" Those calls were courteous and short. A few shift around the country I sticked with Airtel. But in January 2005 when DH and I came back to were I started (Bangalore) we both took a Hutch prepaid connection as all our friends seemed to be on Hutch. All continued more or less well until mid 2006 when Hutch decided that telemarketers were out and it was better to disturb their loyal customer with some annoying call and recorded messages. Basically you were getting a call, would pick up and then hear a stupid recorded message, they first started calling people once a day with 1 number so I outsmarted them but simply saving the number in my mobile, naming it "Hutch Crap" and assigning the most annoying ring tone to this number so that each time they called I would press the mute button and let them hang up on their own. Turned out I under estimated Hutch greatly, but Early 2007 they had 6-7 numbers they used to rotate and they would make a point to call you at least 3 times a day with different numbers each time, so I continued saving those numbers and giving them the same annoying ring tone. In 2007 they also took the resolution to increase the number of SMS one get from 2-3 a day to about 10-15 a day. They then offered clients to be put on a DND list (Do not disturb list, as per the new regulation in the country) You bet I subscribed to is asap, the result? I do not get telemarketers harassing me for loans, credit cards, MBA programs and such, it reduced the number of SMS too (a proof that someone was selling my number to tiers). I Never got rid of the idiotic recorded message call though.

In 2007 Hutch also became Vodafone, and operator that seem to colonise mobile phone networks worldwide. And I thought : "Oh well what's the big deal?"
And now I know what the big deal was for me : 6-7 recorded call messages a day, they rotate numbers every week with the result I stopped saving them in the handset because I run out of inspiration on how to name them (I have 20 of those), I simply do not answer something that say +9199.....anymore. But Vodafone is even more evil than Hutch was...after each of their fail attempt at trying to sell me one of their add on, they make sure they notify me about their failed attempt to contact me by saying an sms saying "Hi we tried to reach you on your Vodafone number to tell you about ..." So yep I get 6-7 carp calls a day + 6-7 reminders they tried to disturb me, and as a topper I still get promotional SMS to ask me whether I want to receive Bible verses daily on my mobile, Get inspirational messages from Sri sri ravi shankar and the art of living (sure after you stressed out your customers, make sure they pay extra to get their sanity back), and yeah apparently I need to know I can Flirt by SMS, subscribe to a dating service on my mobile, that I can snatch my friend's caller tune anytime, that missing a single cricket score update will no longer be a nightmare if I pay x amount to get all results of all matches, that there is a happy hour to download ring tones, and wall paper....AMEN! And don't get me started on GPRS messages, I get 5-6 of those a day too.

I am at the point where I just want to throw my phone out of the window to just enjoy watching my favourite TV show without interruption, or take a nap without being awaken by vodafone without my consent...And simply have a life.
Then they started advertising the call blocking feature on TV, a feature you can activate and use to block number individually if you do not wish to receive anymore of their call...the price of that nifty feature? 99 rupees a month!!!!!! So let me get this straight you people. I pay you good money to maintain my prepaid connection, pay 99p a minute per call on STD calls, YOU decided it was appropriate to send horrible recorded messages to me (with horrible voice actors and not a single of those messages in English) you efficiently made me worry about an emergency back home when you call me at 8.30pm and later for a crappy promotion, and you want me to PAY you guys to stop your invasion of one's life?

DH told me until recently that I should switch to postpaid, but it seem Vodafone made postpaid customer their next target and he get nearly as much crap calls as I do.

I can understand the need of a company to advertise their promotion, but we crossed the line between potentially useful information and spam here.


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