The waist is getting lower and lower

4:01 PM

Ladies if you weren't feeling fat and down already, here is one more reason to feel low : Shopping for jeans!

That's what I did this weekend considering DH got a couple of gift vouchers as a bonus and I urgently needed some Jeans since my good old favourite pair got the pink treatment (being washed with a red skirt).
So here we go to Shopper's stop, where I head directly for the "branded" section as those have generally better cuts and fit. I first head to the Levi's section to check Ladies jeans...How dare they call them that way to begin with since Size 32 is considered fat and most models come in size 26-28 is beyond my understanding, because women have curves so I would expect "ladies wear" to fit those curves...nice try Levi's next time try calling those jeans "girlie Jeans" because let's face it the chances of having someone above 14 wear those are very slim indeed. For the record I didn't even try one single pair in this brand because on top of being impossibly narrow (who the hell has a waist measuring 26 inches????) they are also incredibly low waisted too.

The sales person kindly direct me to the next set of shelves belonging to Pepe Jeans, where I seem to see a bit more of size 30 or 32 and instead of bothering looking through piles of stuff myself I ask the Pepe sales person to find my a size 32 mid waist and storm to the trial room for the first trial of the day verdict : He didn't mention they were "slim fit" meaning that they can have a waist of 32 inches, but the damn pair wont go above my knees because of course ladies have monstrous waist and hip but the legs do not vary from one size to another making the "match stick leg" the ultimate standard. I go back to the shelves, hand back the pair and specify "Straight legs" the guy hand me another pair, I go back to the trial room, this time the legs fit, but once I zipped it and realise the waist feel tight (how come I'm a size 32) I realise that's because some genius designer at Pepe decided that "mid waist" ends right under the pelvic bone, it barely covers my butt, my undies are showing, if I bend over my private part would be totally exposed but they still insist on calling that a pair of jeans...when it clearly looks like over sized denim leg warmer (Levi's does only that type nowadays but apparently Pepe is going to give them concurrence). I go back specify I want something that actually COVERS my pelvic bone and get a 3rd pair, back to trial room! This time the waist fit but clearly the designer never saw a woman in his entire life, the hips are 2 times bigger than it should be (I didn't know 32-40 as a hip waist ratio was that weird) and the legs are again tight because yeah (32-42-20 is a logic combo for waist-hip-leg). So YUP I go back to the guy hand back jeans #3 and ask if there isn't really something made to fit a human being, he proudly hands me a pair of unisex Jeans size 32 which ....Tada...... FITS!!!!!! So let me get things right? Ladies Jeans are for incredibly disproportionate ladies or kids, but they made a unisex version anyway. And if they know ladies jeans can't fit, why do sales person try to push those on you when they could spare you a few annoying trips to the trial room by just offering the unisex one first?
And while we are at it, who decided it was sexy to air your butt while wearing jeans in the first place? It's already tacky in Europe where people tend to show a bit more flesh than in India, so what's the point of selling those here when no self respected adults would want to wear them, and when mothers would have their daughter straight out of those offending pants the minute they see the butt line showing?
And WHO on earth is the genius that women's vital statistics (as in chest, waist, hip) should be around the line of 24-24-24 ????? When most women comes in a curvy model as in 38-32-40 or something like this? Clearly the person who decided on fashion standard isn't a woman and probably hasn't really be close enough to designers seem to think there is no other stage in a woman's life other than pre-teenagehood, most probably because their own brain hasn't evolved past that stage either.

What amazes me even more is that women around the world now think that being shaped as a woman should means that they are fat and will do whatever to fit in clothes that should even exist in the first place...Dear god in what world are we living in????

And I was wondering why I postponed the ordeal of buying new pants until it was absolutely necessary to do so!


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