About to test....

11:14 AM

The Kenstar Customer Service.

A year and a hlaf ago I purchased a Kenstart Microwave/convetion/grill oven, despite hearing that their after sale service is left to be desired. And it seem I'm going to test that now.

Last Saturday I baked myself a nice potato/dal makhani gratin (reciepe to come soon on my other blog). And once the baking done, I opened the door, grabed my oven mitts and...crash BOOM the rotating plate in the oven exploded in zillion pieces for a reason I still don't know considering I haven't touched the plate or misused the oven in anyway. Now we all know that the rotating plate in a mircrowave is an essential part of it right?

Following this logic I decided that it wasn't a big deal and fished my instruction manual (never throw those things away and always make sure you remember where you store it) to get the number of the service center in town. Sure enough there is an office in Bangalore (it being the State capital that's rather logic and expected) The list 2 numbers and I try the first one, to have a recorded voice informing me this number isn't valid...hmmm, so I try the second one, ditto. There is an address as well, but it's quite far from my place and I since the phone numbers aren't valid, I just don't want to drive a few miles to discover the office doesn't even exist.

Time for plan B. This involve some googling, a lot of site clicking, and a cold sweat, because if you type : Kenstar customer service bangalore, you start by getting a lot of links to forums where angry customer complained about the quality of the service...and I'm yet to see a positive review. I still managed to get a link to the offical customer care listing and surely enough, the same numbers I have in print are mentionned they ever update their website? Thankfully there is a "call center" listing as well, whil on earth they have a customer care listing and a call center listing is beyond me, especially since both instances are meant for customer to call them to report a glitch. Again I'm in luck, there is a Bangalore number. I call pronto, and I get a busy tone, but hey that mean it's at least a working number.
Second time I call a scratching recorded message in Kannada is playing followed by a music (the same kind of silly music you hear in almost all call center service when you are put on hold) so I deduct that I've been put on hold and that the voice in Kannada must have said something along the line of them seeing my call as important and urging me to please hold the line as I will be connected shortly. I started wondering though if it was really the Kenstar office because surely enough the message didn't seem to say anything about it. I hold...for over 5 minutes, wondering if I should just hang up and call later, but then I get a few phone tone, and a faint lady's voice asking how she can assist me, again she do not mention any thing about Kenstar so I ask her. Relief I'm in the right place, so I explain my problem and ask if the rotating plate can be replaced, and hurray it can. But I will have to wait until monday as Sunday is a holiday and she proceed to register my complaint, and tell me that I will have to pay a service fee of 120 rupees as I'm no longer covered by the warranty (that I expected, I'm yet to have an appliance that break during the waranty period anyway). She takes my usual details, phone number address and give me my complaint number. So far all I know is that a technician will (ok should) come on monday, but as usual in India you don't know the time or even if the monday in question will be the next one or the one in 3 years.

Let's be optimistic though, and hope tha I will be the exeption to the rule in the world of Kenstar customer and wont have to scream my head off to get my plate replaced.

I'll keep you all updated on that. In the mean time let me practice my mad lady's act and warm up my voice, because a murphy's law must exist that when you are prepared to throw a fit you'll never get to have to do it and thing will run smoothly.


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