Hail of a storm

2:14 PM

I've not felt well the past few days, being a bit sick to my tummy, on top of everything my dog insist on waking me up at 7 am even though I usually don't go to bed until 1 am making me miss DH even more.
To make up for the lack of sleep, I tend to sleep in the afternoon so that by 9 pm I'm fine and functional again to follow the evening movie (when there is something on TV).

This Sunday I decided to call it a very lazy day and hit the bed for a beauty nap at around 2pm, but me being what I ham, the slightest noise can bother me in my sleep and at around 3.20 pm it was a "tuk, tuk, tuk" and a faint thunder that got me out of zzzz land. My first reaction was "How come it's raining so early in the day, but then I wondered how come rain drops make a tuk tuk sound, even the hardest rain in Bangalore make a pluk pluk sound, so I rubbed my eyes real hard and stared, and for a moment I thought I went crazy for it looked like it was snowing. Which efficiently cleared the fog in my brain, and made me connect the dot : tuk tuk + white drops = Hailstones!

Not sure how common hailstones are in India or Bangalore for that matter, but in 4 years that's the first time I see some, and those were the size of my thumbnail, they kept falling for about 15 minutes having all my neighbourhood at their balcony or windows looking at it numbly until a hell of a wind transformed those ice cubes into very painful projectiles. Like many I picked up some from the ground to look at them, as I found such a thing quite weird (don't get me wrong hailstorms happen in Switzerland a lot during the summer months, and occasionally the stones are walnut sized), my dog was as puzzled as all, and curious as usual, so she dashed on the terrace to catch what was falling, she did so for 2-3 minutes until she realised that this was painful and sat under the porch, frustrated and defeated wondering how on earth she could go and play with those weird marbles. The whole rain/hail storm must have lasted 30 minutes, just the time for me to fully got to wake mode, realise what was happening, and then rush to close all the windows as water was pouring in, and then the clouds cleared as if nothing happened leaving my terrace in a total mess from the mud that splotched out of my potted plant, and the inside of my apartment completely decorated with brownish muddy doggy foot prints I was left to mop.

This month of March has been particularly wet in Bangalore, a month that is supposed to be the beginning of Summer and intense heat leaving us sweating and longing for the rain to come. DH who is in Switzerland experienced the coldest Easter weekend since 1913 in Geneva and Spring seem to be slow to come in many parts of the world. Making me think once more that the climate has gone berserk and we should all be concerned by the environment.


  1. I don't know if it rained hails in my area, but I know that I was sleeping at that hour. And so fast asleep I didn't even know it was raining!

  2. From what I read in the paper yesterday hails lashed South Bangalore mostly.


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