Hope and Faith

12:55 PM

Those two could as well go together.

But right now I'm not sure if I should keep Faith in the fact that the Kenstar Customer Care keep assuring me that I should get my glass plate today before 4pm, or hope that I won't have to call them again, and again and again for the next couple of days.

And it turns out that I'm no exeption in the community of Kenstar customer, I too am waiting in vain for something as simple as a part replacement. At least I can still use my oven for now, thanks to what my mom used to call "System D" which means more or less finding alternatives to solve a problem where all conventional methods are unavailable.

In the event that you are faced with a similar issue, know that you can use your microwave oven without a rotating plate in it, you just need to find something to cover the rotating axis in it and place your plate, sish or whatever on top of it. I for myself took the lid of one of my "pyrex" serving dish and I have a functionnal oven ready to use. The dish don't rotate...oh well, whatever, microwaves are still doing their job and ensure I can eat my left overs toasty warm.


  1. May be it's faith that gives us hope.


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