I don't know what to think

11:32 AM

Now seriously should I be praising Kenstar for sending a technician before 4pm, or trying to figure out why oh why did the technician forget to bring the glass plate I mentionned was broken..hmmm

Tuesday 3.55pm (yes it's before 4pm!!!!!!!), the Kenstar guy ring my door bell, and ask me what problem I do have, I lead him to the kitchen, and tell him I have a glass plate explosion problem, and that all I need is for it to be replaced, no biggie. The guy switch on my microwave, look at it, and and then say "appart from this plate that is missing is there any other issue?" I tell him that nope nothing, and he inform me that it should take 2-3 days for him to get that plate, when I asked him why he didn't bring it with him today he replies that his company didn't let him know it was a broken plate issue, or even a microwave problem and inform me that I'll have to pay 600 rupees for the plate and 150 of service charge since quite obviously my oven isn't covered by the warranty anymore.

The man was polite, and nice, but I clearly remember mentionning a broken plate to the call center lady on Saturday when I lodged my complaint, I even had to give the model number of the oven I purchased along with my address and phone number, and I had to reapeat all those information on Tuesday morning as well, so there was no mistake there they KNEW it was my glass plate that needed to be changed, but yet they failed to tell their repairman about creepy is that?

If only the service center was nearer to my place and I had the absolute certitude it is still at this address, I would have gone to pick up that stupid plate myself, but nope instead I need to wait a couple of more days, and be grounded the whole day waiting for an hypothetical repair man to come any minute...That ladies and gentlemen is called an organised service!


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