In those shoes.

7:49 AM

The fashion board has spoken, and the new rules in matter of footwear is "Lady thou shall wear wedges and heels" (and land up in hospital if you do so in Bangalore).

I had to go shoe shopping last Saturday because my dog (who I suspect secretly work for the fashion police) chew down all my favourite shoes : flats, flip flops, and medium heels, and for the past couple of month I was sporting the same old pair that is threatening to leave my foot without any notice.
Until this year I used to like shoe shopping, because there is a lot of choices and designs and you can wear flat while still looking cute. Until Saturday that was! I headed both to "Metro" and "Mochi" two average priced designer like shoe shops, which are also conveniently in the same mall, making my life incredibly easier. 5 minutes spent in Mochi is all it took me to get bored and leave. As all that was elegant and nice looking came up with a narrow 3-4 inch heel, or a big bulky wedge of no less than 5 inches. Metro was no better, but had a little more choice in the flat and 1 inch heel department, though most of it seemed to by shouting "Auntie" at me, with dull black or brown straps, bulky soles and a rather cheap look (for a price that is definitely not cheap at all). And the guy tried to keep pushing heels on me saying it was pretty, that I would look pretty, that it was the fashion this season...blah blah blah.

I'm a 5'4 girl, while in Europe I'm average sized and do not mind wearing heels, here I'm considered tall, and when I wear shoes, I'm taller than my 5'4 husband mind you. And that last statement is pretty awkward for me.
Apart from the aesthetic point of view, I'm height challenged, and while I can pull it off walking on heels, I tend to scream bloody murder after 2-3 hours and threaten to throw the offensive feet torture device away.
And last but not least, Bangalore is NOT a pedestrian friendly city, sidewalks are even more potholed than the roads, and a pedestrian find themselves jumping over garbage, puddles, holes, opened man holes and sewage drains, climbing little walls, walking on narrow beams of concrete when the foot path disappeared. Doing all this is already though when you are wearing flat dull flip flops, so I can't imagine pulling off that stunt on stilettos without breaking my ankle or worse.
I know newspapers and magazines running a fashion column tend to give their monsoon fashion tips, and year after year cropped pants and wedges seem to be on the list. I have nothing wrong with the pants, but walking with bulky wedges on a flooded road do not seem any safer, considering everything become slippery and muddy. Slipping in flip flops is bad enough, falling from a 5-6 inches wedges, well I have only one word : OUCH

Now if those fashion gurus still insist on giving the choice between risking your life or remain an auty-ji forever, well I say it's time for me to locate a handcraft supply store, buy beads, sequins and a hot glue gun.


  1. I'm almost as tall as my SO in heels. I wouldn't want to be taller than him either.
    I love heels, I wear 3 inch heels everyday! Dallas consists of perfectly manicured *concrete*. I can manage well. However, if I had a dime for every time I twisted my ankle wearing wedges a couple years back, I'd be rich. When I wasn't getting the pay-out, I stopped wearing them ..LOL.. I steer clear of wedges now.. they don't go well with my ankles. And I have no idea why that is considering I saunter around in high heels all day.

  2. I think 3 inches is the tallest I ever worn, but I didn't like it LOL and that for sure was before I dated DH
    I now wear no more than an inch and a half worth of heels, and I'm glad to hear someone else has trouble with wedges, I tried a pair once, never left the store with them, I felt like a drunk toddler who just learned how to walk LOL


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