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11:43 AM

There is a lot said about the sailor's wife, army wife, and pilot wife who all have the distinction of spending their time relocating, or living alone.

But what about the IT wife? I'm one of those as I have a Hubby working for an IT company, granted the fact he changed company quite a lot, I still had way too many move around on the meter in 4+ years. And I spent countless night calling "maggi noodles" (ramen type instant noodles) dinner while watching re-runs and movies I've seen about 3 gazillion time on TV.

The IT man works at all odd hour, India having the distinction to accommodate their clients needs no matter how many time zone separate us. With the result that dinner time at home is often not spent together. Some companies even found the way to efficiently have their employees on electronic leashes 24/7, and that was what DH's previous company, with the result that a Birthday celebration at a restaurant was spent with Me, DH and the damn mobile phone (and I swear I resisted the urge to drown that evil black box in a mug of beer or accidentally take it to the bathroom and oops sorry...to flush it down). Not content to actually monopolize their employee's private time by mean of wireless tools of telecommunication, the also send you man away almost without notice to Delhi, Mumbai, Bangkok, Chicago or else probably in an attempt to make sure you will not tag along due to the too short time left to plan a fun trip (happened to me last year when DH was to go on a 4 days trip to Bangkok, but got to get it 100% confirmed only the day before).
But what is even more annoying that all the above is when they take your partner away with enough time to plan before hand, so that you start organizing your life to tag along and suddenly cancel it at the last minute. It sure happened to us more than once, and the last one in date was February 5th when we were packing our suitcase for a trip to Switzerland, my personal plan was to go only for one month enjoying a paid by the company holiday to my home country (as an IT wife you start taking whatever that comes free as an opportunity to go back at them for making your life hell the rest of the time). That was the plan alright, but what do you do when barely 12 hours away from your flight's departure time, hubby get an email : "The trip is off, no need to go" While the day before it was still about making plans on how to handle the project, the clients and what not.
If you are hormonal as I was then, you blow up that's for sure.

I'm writing all this because DH is at it again, with a project overseas, while I'm trying to hide the Domino's pizza menus and, brainwash myself into thinking that cooking a full meal for one person is still fun to do, hoping that 1) This time it's no longer than the 4 months planned 2) They will allow DH to come back to India when I'm hormonally ready to conceive again 3) Offer to fly me to Switzerland in June for my Birthday so that at least I can enjoy being around all of my loved ones, not interacting via plastic boxes of all kind.

When I think of it, I actually find the good old not so distant past when all we had was a land line and an answering machine, a time when computer only helped you type a letter faster without wasting a page of paper after realizing it came with a typo and maybe distract you with a couple of games such as rudimentary pac man, solitaire, aliens and the like.
In the 80's computers were supposed to make your life easier and your work load less heavy so you could spend more time doing what you like : such as spending time with family. 20 years later, a couple of thousands of "time saving" software and even more IT companies swarming with hordes of techies and consultant to help you use them in the best way possible to do more in a work day, I think it's safe to say that computers completely enslaved us, so much that laptops are now ensuring that your trip from the office to back home will be done without any withdrawal symptoms, I even suspect some managers to actually create useless urgent tasks for their employees between 4 and 5 pm so that they can be accomplished on the way back home, and be followed by a lengthy phone conference from 7-9pm about how the next day will be spent.
What's worse is that tanks to our trusty mobile phones we don't even have the luxury to be unreachable unless we are trekking in the middle of nowhere (and even then it's getting thougher) or on an airplane, and here I suspect some well thinking researcher are coming with a way to make sure people can keep using their phone in the not so distant future, for me to announce that the day it happen will be the day I'll start nagging the space program to open accommodation on Mars so I can escape it all. Because there is one thing I actually refuse to do is become a slave to the machines that were supposed to liberate us from what we used to call horrible in the 80's. Right now what I find scary is the fact that if I do not pick up my mobile phone withing 5 rings I have to answer a "Where are you?" from an anxious person who I dare not even wonder were they were when they decided to urgently call me and wonder why on earth I do not react within two rings like most people do.

I also tried to explain to them from time to time why my phone was unreachable with the true excuse of "I forgot to recharge my phone" this later is usually met with a "How could you possibly do that??????" Well the truth is I don't know, maybe I still see my phone as a communication tool and nothing else and do not think my life would stop if I were without? Or maybe it's because I'm a self centered person who clearly think she has the right to have a life.

Oh I like that last one, I'll leave you on this note now.


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