Nice gesture

7:38 PM

I usually get my fingers aching on my keyboard to write about rude people, cheating Auto drivers and what not.
But for once I'm going to talk about something nicer, or should I say someone. It all started with DH and I doing the rounds of banks to drop cheques to go toward credit card bill payment. Those not living in India may not know that we still pay those by cheque for the most of it, and that almost any ATM box or room, has a small drop box ranging from a plastic chest to a simple metallic mailbox.

One of the banks regularly on our trip is Standard Chartered, and by experience I know they have a little box on a table in front of the ATM chamber in the branch we visit, so today when I reached there I was surprised to see it gone, so much I asked the security guard where the drop box was, the man kindly pointed at the ATM chamber telling me it was inside, and followed me, though at this point I didn't know why. In the ATM room I was a bit puzzled as I could not see the good old familiar box, but a very high tech thing with a screen and a huge slit in which you put the cheque, so I thought, OK it's digitalized but I still just need to drop the cheque right? So I started doing just that, but the kind security guy gently told me that I needed to enter the account number mentioned on the cheque first and guided me in an approximate English on how to do it, and when the box swallowed my cheque in with a mechanical noise I stood there stupidly waiting for something to happen, I must have stood there quite sometime because the guard came back and told me that nothing else would happen and my cheque has been dropped successfully.
I'm a tech savvy person, but I must admit that sometimes I wonder why they go all fancy shmancy improving something that was working fine, and while I can still deal with the change, I imagine that someone older than me might have problems with this new system. and I actually appreciated greatly to see the security guard step up and volunteer to help, he probably didn't have to, but he did, and that too in a kind way.

In a world that seem to spin faster every day, where people rush all the time and tend to see courtesy as a luxury, I must say this small gesture was a nice change, and I made sure the guy who helped me figure out that cheque swallowing box thing right knew how much I appreciated the gesture.
And guess what a big smile and a simple thank you still works wonder...try it people, I guarantee you that you feel great!


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