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12:17 PM


Last Saturday I finally went to an ophthalmologist to know what I knew anyway : my sight has decreased. Instead of being 0.50 it is not 0.75, and that is enough not to be able to see the top letter clearly (in this case it was a big bold fat E that made me squint). My old glasses (or should I say "specs" as they are commonly called in India) had some axis and spherical that indeed could make them uncomfy hence the me not wearing them much in the first place.
After a little playing around with some lenses and adjusting I managed to read quite fine lines from my stool, heck I could even make out the nice details of a small washing basin as well, an object I didn't even bother to notice when I stepped in as I simply learned not to watch too much when stepping in a new place in order to give my poor eyes a rest.

The doctor sent me to get new specs and I asked for the possibility of wearing contacts he said this was indeed a good idea as it can make one's life easier, but in order to do that he wanted to see me back during the week because he doesn't like writing prescriptions for those without checking if 1) the patient tolerates them and 2) If they can manage to put them on by themselves after being given a lesson
So there I went today and I can tolerate them, and putting them on didn't pose much problem, removing them is a bit tricky even though my eye doctor claims it's easy, but in all I seem to handle the whole thing better than some of his other patients. I'm not afraid of getting my finger into my eyes to begin with which makes things easier.
I will have to go pick my contacts tomorrow, and my specs will also be ready then, so on Wednesday I will finally see the world better and not feel too dizzy watching TV as I do now with my old glasses.

What amazed me with all this is that it cost me a fraction of what all this did cost me in Switzerland. I could even pick up a cute frame for my new glasses, so no more plain Jane for me.


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