Women wearing t-shirts aren't all into that...

11:17 AM

I'm on a roll today, but for my defense the entry I'm about to write is actually what I intended to publish today before I read that newspaper article about calling the army veteran to the rescue of abused tourists.

There a big fat fact that India is having a sexual discomfort of some kind, it is so taboo that some well thinking heads in the governments judge it's better not to teach kids about it and certainly not about safe sex and aids and such. Just because Indian culture frown upon sex before marriage doesn't mean it doesn't happen, and certainly calls for education so that kids can prevent it from happening. But with that ostrich policy how will a kid even be able to tell they have been molested or raped if they don't even know what happened to them huh?

Which brings me back to the weasels and perverts way too numerous in the streets that for some reasons can't keep their eyes of women, and especially the ones wearing jeans and t-shirts. Men can dress whatever way they want and not be harassed, women don't have this luxury, and it's unfair.
The other day I was talking with a friend and for some reason the topic drifted the the ill habit of Auto drivers adjusting their rear mirrors when they have a female passenger on board. My reaction was that like many women I knew exactly what they are doing, let's not be fools there they aren't adjusting them because they are worried about the traffic, most don't even care about traffic rules anyway and cut in front of just about any vehicle blindly, no mind you, they adjust those to have a good view at a lady's personal assets (aka cleavage) and the more westernized the dress look, the more adjusting is going on during the ride. And in fact there shouldn't be much flesh on display to get them interested, nope as long as the outfit is shape suggestive they will spend more time looking in their mirror than they are looking on the road ahead of them. And I agree with anybody that it is SICK. Unfortunately I don't see what can be done, apart from crouching, down and make sure the next time they look in that damn mirror they meet a dark stare, or hop in wearing a shawl which no lady should have to as men should just behave themselves in the first place.
And if it were just auto drivers, fine, but I found myself walking a couple of time with a decent T-shirt being whistled at, or even seen men taller than me in shopping malls pass right beside me and have an aerial view of the area, and trust me they are quite obvious at what they are doing!
One incident that had DH boil was once we were on the road stuck in traffic right behind a school bus full of hormonal teenage boys in a field trip (meaning the teacher was with them). Those idiots were shouting and whistling at every ladies passing by on the footpath if they were wearing something remotely western and looked young enough not to be an Aunty-ji. This was so embarrassing that I urged DH to stay behind that bus and not overtake it as I felt humiliated enough for those ladies, and once we did overtake it, I felt angry at the teacher for allowing such ill manners and non-sense in the first place! I mean if school isn't educating those young men to behave, who will?
I also still remember a time in my own neighbourhood. I walk my dog wearing sweat pants and a loose t-shirt under a old definitely un-sexy sport jacket. One day I had a guy following me on his cycle which was already creepy enough who suddenly stopped me to say "Nice balls" which I ignored the first time hoping I hear "nice dog" instead, but the guy kept stalking me, with me refusing to make any sort of eye contact, I was about to reach home when the guy stopped in front of me and said "You have nice balls" to which I said loud and clear for my neighbours to hear "Oh perhaps you want to tell that to my husband? I'm sure he'll love it...or let's take a stroll to the police station to see who is going to be charged for stalking and eve teasing her" the guy cycled away swiftly and never came back.

But for heaven sake why oh why can't a woman wear sportswear to indulge in physical activity? Why do we have to constantly feel like it's our own fault for attracting attention and eve teasing? Why is it that men around here still seem to think that if you aren't wearing a saree or a slawaar suit at all time you are by default not so respectable?


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