Safeguard tourists

10:54 AM

Wow there are days I read odd stuff in the paper really, this morning it was the decision of the State of Karnataka (where I live) to hire ex-servicemen to protect tourists!

In the past few months there have been way too many cases of tourists being harassed, raped and molested in other part of the country which pushed this State to take preventive measure and ensure the safety of tourists.
Don't get me wrong, I salute this effort, but a bigger part of me is shaking her head. Because if we were all civilised this would not have to be, those men are going in back in service to ensure that tourism stay safe and alive when they should be enjoying a nice retirement! And why? Just because there are a couple of morons in this country who think it's ok to put their hand on a foreign lady's ass, drug a few party goers to take advantage of them, and rip of the rest of the flock? Pardon the language here but I'm a foreigner myself and I must say that there are times I feel PISSED being looked at weirdly by men who I suspect never encountered a human being of the opposite sex, leave alone one with blue eyes, and like many I stopped counting the number of time a tout tried to get money out of me, and I'm an expat.

When oh when will the country start educating people about what civic sense mean, or for that matter RESPECT, respect of people, property, law, and order.

I understand this is a two way street and that some tourists should well mind their public behaviour and dress code, but for the vast majority they behave and are still victim of those weasels looking for a pray, any pray.

To me this special measure makes me wonder what is the active task forces doing to ensure that their visitors get a pleasant stay in this country. Because if it was the case, then those servicemen would be at home with their family, maybe enjoying touring the country as tourists themselves instead of acting as bodyguards.

In any country tourism is a non negligible source of income, and one should work at welcoming them warmly, not driving them away permanently. I have many friends who came to India and all said the same about the scam, the dirt, the lack of respect they encountered in some places, the being ripped off, the eve teasing and the like. It's not that all tourists are unable to cope with it, but the fact it should have to be so in the first place, you don't take 10 days holiday to end up having to fight, shout and slap slimy hands off your butts all the time. And certainly not have to rely on an army veteran to feel at peace!


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