What is the use?

1:31 PM

What is the use of sidewalks if no one uses them?
I've been asking myself that delicate question for quite sometime now, especially with all the people complaining about the lack of sidewalks (or footpaths as they are called here).

I'm a veteran pedestrian, and I use them so yeah I'm among those who would like to see more sidewalks around. And fortunately I live in an area which has some along the main roads, and they are great.
But day after day, no matter the time I keep seeing loads of people walking on the road itself totally ignoring the nice and flat sidewalk running along the side of the road, no those people would rather walk on the street, block traffic, nearly get ran over by buses and honked vehemently by any motorised vehicle. What's wrong with you people!?
I must be the only one in my neighbourhood using those and having head turn doing so which I wish would not happen. But I tend to really cringe when I see a mother handling 2-3 young children and refusing to walk on the sidewalk, therefore exposing her kids to the dangers of traffic. Maybe it would be time to publish some traffic rules booklet and distribute those to every household so that people get some instructions on those matter : Rule number one should be like this really : "Broad flat strip is for vehicles only, if you have no wheels, use the narrow elevated flat strip called sidewalk whenever there is one"


  1. Anonymous6:06 AM

    This is really odd! No one USES footpaths that are available? In my hometown Kolkatta, there are always squatters or street vendors occupying the sidewalks so there is some excuse for not using them, but to NOT use them when they are available?!! I would impose a HEAVY jaywalking fine in Bangalore if that is indeed the case that there are sidewalks available but people still walk in the road.

  2. Well on big roads like MG Road people do use them ,because it would be suicidal not to, but as soon as you move to secondary roads or residential areas it goes down to almost no one, why oh why is still beyond me though.

  3. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Perhaps the sidewalks are a tad bit too high for mother's with strollers? Or how about no ramp like things to get a stroller off the darn sidewalks?

    I'm living some where else too and no one uses sidewalks here either but I think it's because no ramps for mother's with strollers and lots of times cars park on them so you find yourself walking in the street anyway.

  4. In India it's not a stroller problem, because strollers are quasi non existent, I'm yet to see a familly using one outside the walls of a residential compound, parents carry their babies around until old enough to walk on their own.
    Busses and Autos are't stroller friendly and most middle class famillies still ride a motorbike with dad driving, junior seated on the fuel tank, mom holding a 2 month old baby behind her husband often seated side saddle!All of them without a helmet quite obviously.


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