When was the last time...

12:05 PM

You let nature floor you?

For me it was yesterday night, after days and days of feeling miserably hot and sticky in a 92% humidity climate we finally got some relief in the form of a great Summer storm.

It started at around 7 when strong winds started making all my windows bang and clap and the electricity went off briefly for about 20 minutes. I then decided to sit outside on my terrace to enjoy the cold breeze and watch the distant lightning, knowing it might hit my area soon. I don't know about you but I find lightning and thunder fascinating and exiting, I never tire watching it. And each time mother nature schedule a show I'm sure not to miss it. Even my dog enjoyed it, she sat right next to me on the ground, happy to have my hand petting her absently while I totally relaxed there.
When the light came back and the wind died I decided that maybe we wouldn't get a rain and went back inside, only to hear the unmistakable sound rain makes when it falls on a dry surface, and soon the smell of hot parched soil being soaked came teasing my nose as well, surely enough a few minutes in the act, the rain was lashing the landscape, strong and heavy with a angry wind pushing it inside my bedroom, so I shut the windows all over, and then the light went off again, this time I knew it was because one of the lines or generators around has been hit, because it seem the whole area was plunged in darkens, when it happens at 8pm you know it can last several hours for them to repair the thing, so I went taking a chair, put it in my door frame and watched the fury unfold right before my eyes. The rain furiously pouring down, the strong winds bending trees, and the lightning tearing the sky apart. I welcomed the cold droplets that made it inside my observation platform, and felt delighted finally feeling a bit cold and shivering.
For a very brief moment the sky even turned emerald green during that storm, long enough so that you notice it and start wondering what it is, and short enough so you could easily decide it was after all just your imagination. What a show it was, the lightning painted the sky every colours for about 20 minutes, before it started to fade again in the distance, giving just a few blinks of light for the next 2 hours to come, rain in tow the storm must have gone somewhere else to be cheered by different spectators just like me.

The whole experience lasted a little over one hour, but as it is each time I watch a storm, I feel blissfully calm and at peace with myself and the world around me. I only wished Bescom would have fixed this electricity problem though, because the power didn't come back until 4am, and left me sweating buckets in bed that night, completely negating the coolness of my storm experience.

I admit though I was tempted to rant about the power failure today, because I obviously didn't sleep much and am a bit cranky this morning, but then I remembered that I enjoyed the storm in the first place and that I was better off writing about that.


  1. Oh I love watching storms! The storm you had last night sounds like it was an awesome show! I would have loved to watch it! We get some violent storms every now and then...they don't appear violent to anyone who lives in the valley, but up here on the mountain, we're in the heart of the storm. It's terrifying as well as fun. I'm glad you had a few moments of cool weather! Come up here... it's still cold... LOL


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