About to hit the road

3:35 PM

Or should I say the sky? My invasion plans are finalized and tonight I'll be on my way to the airport and off I go to Zurich for 2 months.

That past week was spent making lists, thinking about what to pack, not pack, last minute buys and phone calls. But it's only today after tremendous amount of motivation that I kicked my butt into gear and started packing. Simply put I don't like packing, my suitcase is always too small compared to what I want to take and I keep worrying about that stupid 20kg limit, those days I'm even more pissed at it because the cabin luggage regulation are tighter, I don't really care if they really insist on not packing shampoo and stuff in it, but then why not increase the checked luggage weight huh? DH had the unpleasant experience to be told that his laptop bag was his cabin luggage and that therefore what he planned to take along with it had to be checked to and ended up paying a excess luggage fee.
I've been a bit smarter there checking the airline's website to know what was ok and what was not, and technically if your laptop is in a backpack that's your main cabin luggage, but if it's a sleek light weight messenger bag type then it's counted as extra, and that single piece of carry on applies only to "economy" traveller, business and first can be big time hoarder and get away with it, not all too fair to me.

I of course plan to go shopping back home, so I'm already planning a luggage strategy for the way back, inspired by my cousin who did the same last December when she came to visit me : stuff all the clothes in the carry on, and all the "dangerous" substances, aka shampoo, chocolate, food item, souvenir and the like in the checked luggage, and if I apply what the website say I can travel on the way back with my laptop in its sleek bag and a carry on. Unless dirty laundry becomes the new potential weapon of choice to blow up a plane then.

But let's finish on a positive note, and let me toot my horn, because it's 4pm and I'm almost finished packing! I have to be at the airport at midnight and considering I'm a major league procrastinator this is some kind of record. I think I'll spend the remaining time wedging stuff here and there in the suitcase and try to remember what I never thought about putting on my list, hopefully I'll have all I need in my suitcase, if not thank god I'm not heading for the middle of the desert or something (which destination would reduce the amount of clothing and items I'm taking along considerably by the way).

My next post will be from Switzerland


  1. Hope you have a good flight! I haven't flown in over 9 years, and things have changed since then, I've heard horror stories about all the new airport rules. Really makes me want to fly... not. haha! But I hope your flight is still a pleasant one! :D *hugs and chocolates*

  2. The flight was ok, didn't sleep much but it went smoothly.
    Security wasn't too much of a hassle, just had to remove my laptop from the bag as they scan laptops separately now...go figure


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