Operation Swiss Curry

10:46 AM

Dear readers,

I think it's now time to inform you of my upcoming mission : Invading the motherland.
After 2 months without DH around I'm heading where his job is for the remaining two months of his assignment, so by the end of next week I'll be in a plane bound for Zurich, to go splurge on all thing chocolate, sushi 9yeah I know that one is not Swiss), and cheese while still enjoying wearing my t-shirts, and flip flops.

I was waiting for the weather to be favorable to plan my run, as I've become quite indianized over the past 4.5 years and do not own winter gear to bear the crude cold months of March and April, and sneakers don't cut it to go see the Swiss alps when the ski slopes are still operational. And on a strategic note, a suitcase packed with Summer outfits is lighter than one packed with sweater, so that means I can return to India in July with more chocolate, cheese and other Swiss goodies in my luggage without having to pay too much in excess weight at the check in.

The week to come is bound to be filled with last minute details such as making sure for the one zillionth time that I understood the immigration people on the PIO formalities (I wouldn't want to be stuck at the custom having to explain why certain formalities haven't been done, or why oh why I don not need a visa to come in an out of India). Paying a few bills, hoping my family sent their wish list to me so I can go shopping for some Indian goodies, take care of the dog's kennel, and decide what to pack or not to pack.

I already raided the pharmacy asking for 2.5 months supplies of my insulin regulation meds, bought the medicine I need to take should I become pregnant again to insure this baby bean will stick. And now I hope no one will think of me as a junkie for having that much medications in my vanity (the visual is very scary let me tell you), made sure I understand the new carry on luggage regulation, not that I plan on carrying anything as dangerous as a shampoo bottle or it's evil twin : tooth paste, heck I just want to know if my tiny teeny case containing my contact lens can stay in my purse along with my inhaler. The good new is it seem it can do just that. All my other "cosmetics" will stay in my checked luggage.

I also made sure I read my laptop must be charged before passing security so that they can if needed check if it's a real laptop, which almost had me laugh because each time I read about airline security I jut have the movie "Daredevil" come to my mind in which the bad guy named Bullseye kill a fellow passenger with a peanut simply because she talked too much. Not to mention the scene in which he goes through the security check chewing a paper clip (I know it's on the Director's cut DVD), paper clip we know he can use as a deadly weapon from a previous scene. I'll let you interpret this paragraph anyway want.

Anyway I'm soon going on a long holiday, but don't worry too much, I'll still post in my blog in what I think I'll name a "Swiss intermission". I'll find my digital camera back along with DH so I might even post pictures.


  1. I hope you have a great trip! I bet it will be nice to go back for a while! I wish I could go and pick up some yummy Swiss chocolates too... hehe When are you leaving?

  2. I'm leaving next Friday :-)

    Chocolate is of course going to be a huge part of my diet LOL. My mom even told me she bought some chocolate easter bunnies just for me and they have been waiting since march for me to munch on them.


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