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One market that seem to keep growing is the mobile phone market (cell phone if you prefer), and it's funny to think that15 years ago it was a costly little device that only businessmen could afford or even needed. Thcell phone got out in the 80's it was then a big fat brick that had nothing convenient and mobile about, the 90's saw the brick shrikn a little, but I still remember my purse in 99 used to weight much more than my purse in 2008, and then my good old black and white 3 line display Alcatel phone was twice as light and compact as my boss's old Nokia think that looked like it's been the produce between a TV remote of the past and a brick.

Ah!!! The good old time when mobile phones used to be precisely just that : mobile phones! Nowadays they seem not just to do that, because apparently making calls and receiving them when on the go is no longer enough. Some geniuses must have found out that humans have way too much free time when away from home, so you can now check you mail, send mail, go online, download music, subscribe to feeds, subscribe to newspapers, book plane tickets, play games, take pictures, send the pictures your just took, plan you day, get reminders, have you phone wake you up, get religious quotes, get diet tips, exercise tips, financial tips, know when your stocks will soar or crash, make sure you don't miss a single breaking news ever (after all life without knowing every single catastrophe hitting the planet when they occur is pretty much unthinkable right?), it doubles as a MP3 player, now you can even watch TV or videos on it, and I'm pretty sure they are finding a way to have you download e-books on it too, just for those who in the near future Will prefer reading a novel postage stamp size instead of simply throwing a paper back in your purse. All this Ladies and Gentlemen weights only a few grams, fit in the middle of your palm and no longer threaten to crook your back like the good old 80's and 90's primitive cell phone used to.

But as much as a salute the technological achievement of shrinking a phone to a the point of having you loose your nerve because it got lost in your purse for the umpteenth time, I wonder how necessary it all is.
Call me old fashioned, but I seriously think that a mobile phone is nothing else but a phone! When I'm at home, I pick it up and you can tell me "Hey just sent you a mail" and I will go check it on my desktop computer. If I'm on the road or anywhere outside the home, I will pick up only if I'm not disturbed, and if you tell me you sent a mail to me, I will tell you politely "I'm outside now, will check that once I come back, thanks for letting me know, bye" and hang up. There is no way an email is going to stop me from doing what I was, and if you can't reach me, well then that means I don't want to be reached, leave a message on the voice mail, or send me an sms letting me know why I have a missed call, I'll make sure I'll call you back, end of discussion.

There is absolutely no way I will pay for the extra "advantages" of getting music, videos, Internet connection, various e-paper subscriptions and such on my mobile when I'm already paying for a TV cable, Internet connection, and other services at home. When I'm on the move, I'm on the move, anything else can wait. Do I miss on doing certain stuff? Certainly not, I read the morning paper with my cup of tea, check my mails and feeds during the day, keep in touch with my friends via instant messenger, watch the shows I care about on TV, read books when I'm free or there is no light, and have music coming out of my music system when I want it.

Now you may ask what I do during my "outdoor" time right? well that's easy, first I walk whenever I can, but no matter how I go around, be it by foot or by motorised vehicle, I take advantaged of the privilege of commuting by taking a good look at the world around me, so don't come to me telling me I need an electronic whatever to make sure I do something "productive" on one of my little "escapes" because watching the trees, flowers, people, and buildings around me, is as productive as downloading the latest Bollywood video. And I would like to know when exactly did it become a crime to not know about the latest bomb blast directly after it happened? What is wrong with reading it in the paper the next day? Would my life really be incomplete being one report human stupidity short?

And we keep wondering why people are burned out and why heart attacks are on the rise huh?


  1. Here here! I totally agree! The next thing you know they will want to start implanting devices into our heads so we don't even *have* to use our hands to punch in url, email addresses, and phone numbers! What is the world coming to? lol Why someone has to answer the phone every time it rings, to send pictures over their phone when they have a camera in their hand, and play games on a phone is beyond me. I guess I'm just old fashioned too. I guess most people wouldn't consider watching chickens entertainment would they? LOL

  2. I would consider chickens entertainement anytime!

    2 years ago I bought what must be the last mobile phone on the market that doesn't come with a camera or any multimedia features appart from being able to connect internet for a few restricted sites. It was cheap and nice and it still working wonderfully. I dread the next time I'll have to buy a new handset really, because I know it'll come with 3 gazillion features I don't even want to bother understanding LOL

  3. I know! That's our problem when we had to get phones when DH went away. Everything came with a camera! I don't want a freaking camera. I already HAVE a camera. haha It irritates me so... and to think, you see these people driving around playing on their phones at the same time! It's insane!

    The chickens are great entertainment! More comical than tv shows today! :D


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