Let's move it!

10:39 AM

Wondered how you can get yourself into the pink of health and do the environment a favor?

Search no longer guys, because all you need is two feet, a comfy pair of shoes (whatever you feel like wearing actually) and hit the road!

With DH out of the country I'm a bit less mobile since I don't know how to ride a motorbike (and will not even attempt to try as I'm not suicidal thank you very much). So instead of blowing all our income on Auto fares, I tend to walk a lot, and fortunately I live at about 3km of a shopping mall and a great commercial area, so I can actually do all my shopping on my two feet.
I do walk at least 2km each other days if not more running an errand, or walking the dog.

And guess what? It feels GREAT, I feel big because I reduce my carbon foot print, my body feel great because when you have insulin resistance exercise is part of the treatment, and because I dare doing what very few dare to do here I feel proud.
Sure I end up feeling sweaty and sticky in this blazing Summer sun, but I don't let that stop me, it's all a question of timing and the matter of having a good sunscreen on.
I started walking a lot again about 2 months back now, and in the beginning I felt already good, but now it seems the walk is getting easier and easier, man I feel almost like my good old self in Switzerland, if not better.

What's more, it seems to be right in the current health fad, as I see more and more people putting on their sports shoes and go for a health stroll, would it be just around the block or down their building. Walk the walk people and you'll get you vital statistics in the green zone.

And don't shy away from the poorly maintained sidewalks, because as annoying as they are, this is a great tool to get your leg's muscles into shape and fortify those ankles, who would have thought they let you do some trekking right in the city? Watch your feet, hop on a median line wall, jump over trash, climb a step, tip toe over puddles, go round dirt, practice balance in those pot holes and you'll get legs to die for in no time.

The only problem we now really need to deal with is get those men to stop eve teasing because let's face it, you'll drop a few pant size, look fab and toned and the better you'll look the more moronic comments you'll find yourself to deal with. But since exercise boost confidence as well, grab those sun glasses and pay no heed, behind your shades you can even roll your eyes without having them think they won getting your attention...HA!


  1. Isn't it amazing that a little bit of exercising can make you feel so good?! If you love hiking, you would love it out here... we're on ten acres of mountainous terrain. GREAT hiking and it's all in my backyard! hehe

    I would make a note to go hiking more often... :D

  2. I love hiking :-) I used to do it a lot in Switzerland.
    In fact I even lived very near to the country side and used to walk there a lot, or cycled to a nearby wood to then walk around :-) That was the advantage of living in Geneva: all the advantages of a small city and a big one as well.

    Bangalore is more of a big crowded city, not much green space around :-(


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