Mobile phones

Mobile blind flirting

12:13 AM

It seems I'm using the word mobile a lot in this blog isn't it?

Well it's just past midnight and about half an hour ago as I was getting ready to sleep and call it an early night, I first get a phone call from a number I don't know, when I pick up there is no voice on the other end, and one minute after hanging up I get a sms from another unknown cell number from a guy who claims he knows me, that I met him, and even identify me by my name despite me never having met a guy named by what he claimed to be named.
It's not the first time I get that kind of weird attempt to flirting on my mobile, each time I'm at my ice berg cold best and on my guard not giving anything off, or even confirming some of their claims, once I know enough info about them (they are foolish to give them readily) I generally tell them to piss off or meet trouble. They generally dare asking how they will get in trouble, and that's when I throw my wild card at them : I know your name, phone number, and saved all your messages, surely the police will be interested in knowing all that.
They generally chicken out big time, and tonight was no exception at all, the guy suddenly called the chit chat short practically begging me not to do anything.

What he doesn't know, is that I also informed DH right away and gave him the phone numbers just in case as well.
Nevertheless I find those sms disturbing each and every time I get one (thank god not too often though), because that means there are jerks out there who have too much free time and not enough manners to call at such odd hours.
As on the question on how those idiots get those numbers? Well it seem that employers here in India do not really insist too much on work ethic and privacy rules, those kids generally work in call centers and pick up numbers in the company database to have some fun with them later, and I suspect that's exactly what happened this time as well. The phone might be registered in DH's name, but it is listed with my name in Job search engines, and loyalty programmes I subscribed to in various stores around town, not to mention that the magazine I subscribe to have the number as well. At one point in the past I had a person who openly declared he was working for my cell phone operator who tried the flirty act.

Now of course DH is a bit worried, and asked me if by any chance it was less safe, and even wondered if this phantom smser could find out where I live. And here is what I replied : "Let him come, someone comes in the middle of the night here, I don't even have to shout as I'll meet them kitchen knife in hand" And yes, I'm not afraid to use it if needed.

But more seriously, it seem that eve-teasing, and harassment over the phone seem more and more common in big Indian cities, and I still seem to see not enough resistance from women, which I find even more irritating than the weasel act those lame boys put, because as long as a woman put herself in the weak victim's position, that means they win.


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