Say Cheese!

2:38 PM

And I made it! I'm right now in Zurich, after a long long flight in a quite antiquated plane which had no personal in seat built little TV thingy, whcih would have been quite convenient considering juat can't sleep well in planes. But after about 2 days feeling a bit off I'm back to business.

Now I just wish the weather would improve because on top of being jet lagged, I'm suffering from a real thermic shock :Bangalore 35 C during the day, Zurich : 13C ! It is supposed to be warmer here but for some reason the weather guy must have sense that I didn't pack my warmest clothes and applied a "Murphy's law" to make sure I would spend my Sunday grumping around soaking up tea and binjing on confort food purchased the day before : Cheese, loads of it, chocolate, crackers and chicken ham which I could have killed for when in India. At to that a kind of bread we call "delice" in French which I love with just plain butter on the bun (that bread is close to the soft giant pretzels you can buy in some deli)

I also have a translation to keep me busy during DH's long offices hour, and I plan to head to Geneva next weekend to say hi to my familly and friends.

I'm also having a lingusitic confusion at the moment, Zurich being a German speaking town, me being a French native speaking English and used to say "haan" (yes in Hindi) in stead of yeah. I do understand german, I have trouble speaking it right and it's though to skip from one language to another in a heart beat if you know what I mean, but hopefully I'll get this sorted out before we head back to Bangalore.

All I want right now is for these dark clouds to go away as a cloudy Swiss sky looks somehow more depressing than an Indian one. Once the sun is out it should solve the problem of the freaking cold temperatures that have me wanting to hibernate.


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