Power failure

Shoppers in the dark

12:48 PM

Today was yet another trip to my favourite scapegoat : food world. Yes the same one that had non working refrigerators for over a month and a half (last week they were still not working).

Today I reached there to find the store plunged in total darkness, which was due to one of the oh so common power failure the city experiences in the hot Summer months, so for a brief instant I wondered if the coolers were still down or not. Ad a quick glance at them told me that since there were yogurt pots in the shelves they might be working, and fortunately the coolers are near the entrance so I can still see what's in them, a second inspection (via sense of touch) told me that since the pot of curds were till a bit cold and started feeling moist to the touch the fridges were indeed working, meaning that buying some would not send me to ER with a severe case of food poisoning.

Buying the fruits and dairies I needed was easy, as it was still graced by the sunlight outside the store, vegetables were a bit less easy, but still manageable. But proceeding deeper and deeper into the supermarket's alleys felt a bit like entering a cave, or on a trip to hell as the heat and stuffiness due from the lack of ventilation made me sweat. The bread section gave me a hard time and I found myself holding each products in the direction of the main door in hope to see what it was, because nothing looks more like a pack of toast than another pack of toast in the dark, and I wouldn't want to go leave with a sweetened one when I want a plain sandwich one or a whole wheat. While I was hunting my toasts I could hear the sound of some one clearly on the phone behind the pastry counter (an employee without doubt) from the laugh and easy tone of her voice, I guesses it was a personal call, not a frantic call attempting to localize a generator or something.
Next on my itinerary was the juice, canned good and sauce aisle, this one was pitch dark, and apparently none of the employees who were chatting in the distance holding candles seemed keen to come to my rescue, so I dug in my purse, took my mobile phone out and tried to check if they had canned tuna fish with my improvised torch light, it wasn't really a bright light, but after 5 minutes scanning the shelves I came to the conclusion that yet once again the store was all out of it (wouldn't be the first time) which meant I could cross "mayo" off my list, but not salad dressing, unfortunately "salad dressing" is just opposite the canned non-existent tuna and I needed more mobile/torch light to finally find what I was looking for as 2 more customers came with their own mobile put the very same use as mine, without much more success...all this while 5 food world employees are still chatting holding candles near the liquor section!
I then go to the pasta and instant noodles section right opposite the spice section, and this is like touching rock bottom, this is the far end of the supermarket were no light at all can possibly reach, and finally some one scream "Customer" and a candle appear right behind me, the time for me to find what I was looking for and head to the dog food section to get Jasmine's chew sticks.. I decide to bypass the cosmetic section deciding I can buy soap at the local pharmacy instead of trying to figure out which one I want in a section hat is already confusing enough in the bright tube light.

I consider myself lucky to know this store well enough, otherwise I would never have been able to navigate through it and would have lost my nerves, I even made it without bumping into the usual lot of scattered boxes they keep in there (when will they take the cue about clearing them up so customers can roam the aisle...god knows).
I still spent a good 30 minutes buying surprisingly little, and by the time I made it to the cash counter (the cash registers being the only thing still working) the light came back sharp and bright!
So If I have been in there blind-shopping for 30 minutes and that the pot of curds looked cool but started "sweating" when I came in it means that the store had about 45-60 minutes of power failure, and they apparently don't have a generator strong enough to keep would it be 4-5 tube lights on.
Is this yet another measure to make sure your benefit margin won't improve? Because I saw a few customer leave the store with nothing during the black out because of the whole pain it was to shop, and even find an employee willing to accompany you on your hellish journey into darkness candle in hand!

Manage to shop in this food world branch for a year, and I swear you can shop anywhere!


  1. Ohh I have had to do that recently! I'm glad you know your way around the store! It's hard enough finding things in the store, let alone in the dark.

    *hugs and chocolates*

  2. LOL I hate grocery shopping to begin with, if now they let the lights go off for so long I'm sure I'm going to hate it even more :-)

  3. I hate shopping too... I just wish the food could magically appear in my refrigerator. Should save on fuel for the car too. LOL


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