8:02 PM

And here I am re-discovering some of life's little pleasure like eating a strawberry. Don't get me wrong, there are Strawberries in India, even though it's something that hit the market very recently and most Indians haven't yet tasted one. But Indian strawberries are a bit smaller than my monster Swiss one on the picture, and do taste less sweet.

In 4.5 years away from the motherland, I completely forgot that something as simple as a strawberry can have a very different taste from one lace to another. The first 2.5 years in India I didn't even know they existed and learned to do without them, funny but there was a time I could have killed for a decent peach or a lettuce, but haven't given the red berry a thought.
When it finally hit the market at a "reasonable" price I splurged and enjoyed them as soon as they were in season and looked red enough in the pack. While the Indian season for them is around March/April, they start being a local product only in May/June in Switzerland, and that means it's now, and the supermarket had those yummies neatly displayed at the entrance shouting "Eat me silly" at anybody worthy of their "fruitivore" nickname (aka me).
Once back home I took one from the box, and the second I put it in my mouth I was like "Oh My God!", sweet, juicy and yummy! No bitterness, no bruises, that's what I'm talking about guys.

Made me think that Indian strawberries must be or plucked from the plant too soon hence the sour taste, or simply be a completely different variety. But I think it must be a mix of both. Very few Indians seem to even know the fruit, and the one that ventured in my fridge in Bangalore when there were some looked quite curious. Not surprisingly DH thinks that fruit is just ok, now I will have to get him to taste the real thing tonight, that might change his opinion about strawberries.


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