Trains rule

4:46 PM

I love traveling by train, I loved it in India and I do love it here in Switzerland as well. You can't think of a more efficient safest way to travel, sure you have to have a little patience, but nowaday it seems that people forgot all about the simple pleasure of sitting in a train, watch outside the window, catch up on their reading or sleep, without having to worry about the time, or even the idiot cutting your path right in front of your car on the highway.

I went to Geneva this weekend so I took the 8.32 train from Zurich, and at 11.15 I was there, back home, my mom immediately took me to the railway travel agency to get me an "AG pass" which is a pass that cost 280 swiss francs a month and allows one to roam around the country by train, boat, postal coach and even on the city public transport for free, neededless to say the thing is getting paid for pretty fast in my case considering a return ticket Zurich-Geneva-Zurich cost 160CHF and that i'll probably be in my hometown every weekends, plus I can take the tramways in Geneva and Zurich for free as well now, who could ask for better.

It's now a matter of deciding to go somewhere and hop on the train without having to worry about the cost or queuing to get a ticket. And I can grab a bite and relax while I'm travelling from A to B

Trains RULE


  1. That sounds awesome! I do wish they had some train system like that here. It would definitely make things a lot easier. American should really catch up with the rest of the world. LOL

  2. It's not the first time I hear US is behind Europe in matter of public transports :-(

    too bad because that's one great way to travel around, and one I missed in India, as far as travelling within the city was concerned.

  3. limoncello2:39 PM

    i hear, ya! i love it. i can take a quick "power nap," while in the train. that's one thing i love living here in germany, and just being in europe. the public transportations are always available - like the night train or the night bus that runs all night until wee hours of the morning - 05:30 or 06:00?

    i remember when DH and i used to live in the US - in our town, where we used to live and it's pretty much in the suburban - the bus only runs between 06:00-07:30; then, 15:00-19:00 (no trams or subways, either). so it only runs during rush hour for people to get to the metro stop and back. in-between those hours, you're SOL. sad part is, one really needs a car to get to point B. so if a person doesn't have a car and needs to go to an appointment or something - they, either, call a friend or call a cab.


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