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1:17 PM

My clothes have been freed!
It so happened that I kept DH's advice on going down to the laundry room every now and then, and on one of my trips I noticed the person using the same machine we are authorized to use left, so I decided to go and start batch #2 while batch #1 was held captive, and while starting the machine I heard the main door on the ground floor open, so I rushed back upstair and asked the guy who just came in if he was speaking English (and he did) and explained my problem.
Turned out he had the correct pin key to unlock that room's electricity outlet. And I came to know that there was indeed a "sign" mentionning that we could not use whatever machine we wanted. I have a green pin key, whcih fits only in the device wich has a green sticker on it, and the other room has a yellow sticker whcih means only yellow pin key can work!!!!! Now I leave you to ponder how one is supposed to know that all pin key aren't the same colour to begin with. I logically assumed that all pin key were green, and didn't even see the sticker on the device until I saw my saviour produce a yellow pin key to free my innocent clothes from their glass prison!


  1. Some sort of strange but pleasant coincidence this is.... A couple of days back, I was wondering it's quite some time since I had checked out your blog... Somehow I had forgotten to add you to my Google Reader and I was checking the URL in notepad (remember you giving me?) Bingo, there your comment on my blog! Thanks for that invaluable comment; you made quite a pertinent point there.

    So, you are in Switzerland? I was reading a few of your postings on your country. Interesting, now I shall keep coming back.

  2. I sure remember giving you the URL :-)

    And yup I added your blog to my google reader so I read it regularly.

    I'm in Switzerland until July end after that I'll be back to Bangalore


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