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12:14 PM

It's June 25th, yesterday I added a year to my wisdom-o-meter and this morning I wake up and an article on the times of India jump to my face : "Are you ready for Freemales" and the catchy blurb : If you are single, child-free (not childless) and consider relationships (read romantic) a high-risk job, you have just earned a new adjective for yourself – Freemale.
If you are interested in reading the article wondering what a Freemale is here it is:

This is by the way a very interesting article about how ladies around the world can nowadays have the big life without being a "Mrs" and how that phenomenon is catching up in India. And I salute the fact that Indian ladies are now trying the world on their own the way western women have now been used to for a decade or two. What I find disturbing is when some "geniuses" feel the need to label women who live the single life and are successful at it in such a way : free-male. Sure the person might have made a contraction of freedom and female, but now it sounds like women actually choosing to live the life they want sans husband are actually living a man's life? That's what the "male" part in this idiotic word suggests. Somehow it still implies that designer clothes, big card, high power jobs and credit card and a life of freedom without a wedding ring on the left finger is still a masculine privilege? The article don't really say where this new word popped out, but I suspect it was in the west which irks me even more considering that women have been good at living the big life on their own for quite sometime, and I would have been insulted to be called a "freemale" then thank you very much. Thinking of it further, would that label implies that you become a regular female only when you settle down, say "I do" and have a hubby? That a woman can only be feminine when accompanied by a partner?
The same article say that single women who have a professional life and financial security while being single are "go-getter" does that implies that those who choose an early marriage aren't? Or that it's just expected for men to work hard and have cash to spend while a lady should marry ask for the joint credit card, spend the money on useful household items and cook every meals from scratch while still looking picture perfect in an immaculate and starched dress?

I say stop trying to put label on everything that seem to deviate from the "norm" (which norm by the way) and pat yourself on the back as you realize you have the opportunity to see the world change in front of your eyes. And it's about time we stop judging women and categorize them for simply keeping up with life as it is today. This world isn't tougher for females, so there is no need to label the one you see doing it as "freemales".
And to be fair to the other sex, well I don't think labeling a man who use more than just deodorant and shaving cream a metrosexual is actually fair. As if waxing, pedicure, and the desire to look good should be an affair just for women...tsssss


  1. O, no doubt Cyn, women have gone far, far ahead. The whole aspect of sexuality has been changing recently. It's now more about relationships and what one can achieve rather than the gender per se. Along with we have been seeing a lot blurring of of the divide. Men too have changed. There are many who wash clothes, put them for drying, make the bed, raise children etc etc... Very interesting post, Cyn.

  2. I have a hubby who believe it or not loves doing laundry, and he helps around the house quite a lot too, a thing that shocked my mother in law a little when she came once.

  3. Whatever happened to people just being people? Why the labels? sheesh! I can see it now... "Hi Metro, I'm Freemale. Pleased to meet you."

    *shakes head*

    I've got a hubby that does a lot of housework too. The best part of it is that he's better at it than I am! lol

    Hope you're having a good week! Ohh and did I hear you added another year of wisdom? Does that mean I should be saying Happy Birthday?! :D

  4. Yes it was my birthday on the 24th :-)
    Thanks for the wishes


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