And I'm back

12:14 PM

To India that is. I'm sorry for the lack of update, I spent most of July travelling around Switzerland, and enjoying spending time with my family before heading back to Bangalore. I will surely write about my Swiss Alp train trip in the future, but the Swiss intermission is definitely over.
We came back to Bangalore on August 1st (that's when the plane landed, because we took off from Frankfurt on July 31st) and it took us a while to get our connection back, clean the house meet up with friends, get the dog back and most important get over our Jet Lag, though i have the perfect technique to deal with it, it means the 1st 24 hours are hellish, and the day after still a bit though, but manageable. The secret lying into ignoring your body clock and immediately live at your local time. We landed on August 1st as I said, and it was 12.30am when the plane hit the runway, and it was about 1.30 by the time we cleared custom, picked up our luggage and hopped into a cab to head to our home sweet home. Home that we reached by 2.15 am (it takes about 45 minutes on a deserted road to travel from the new airport to central Bangalore). Since I slept in the plane due to the lack of entertainment I wasn't sleepy which was a very good thing considering the house smelled of stale air, and had a layer of dust over everything. And when DH opened the fridge I realised I should have left the door opened when I switched it off as it became a ground for fungi and horrid smell, which the compulsive kitchen cleaner that I am could not leave as such, so it's at around 3 am that I started unpacking and cleaning at the same time until exhaustion took the toll out of me at 4 am-ish and headed to bed, to wake up at 8 am totally on purpose mind you to continue cleaning and call our vet to ask when the dog could be picked up. And so the day continued with us cleaning, unpacking and grocery shopping the whole day, with me feeling beaten up but refusing to even nap for one second knowing that if I did it would be for hours and I then would not sleep well the next night and therefore keep being stuck in two time zones longer than I should.
It's only at past midnight that I hit the mattress after a night of meeting up with friends that I got my well needed rest got rid of my jet lag.
SO now I can focus on getting all the other small things done this week and catch up on my blogs, emails, message boards, and offline activities.


  1. Hey Cyn! I'm glad to hear you're back home! I hope you had a nice visit with your family and the jet lag wears off soon! lol

    *hugs and chocolates*

  2. Anonymous3:10 AM

    i've seen that starting living in the local time AND having food as per local time helps-Jetlag


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