Chutney making

11:53 AM

I'm on a roll today!

I figured out I better post my chutney experience now otherwise I will forget to do it later.
While DH was in Switzerland, it turns out my grand ma made some home made chutneys from a recipe magazine called "Betty Bossi". Betty Bossi has been an institution for about as long as I remember in Switzerland and generation of men and women used those recipes to make their first independent adult recipes. What's more they are 100% foolproof and no one can spoil them.

Anyway, DH was there for Easter and told my grand ma he liked the Apple Chutney a lot so my grand ma xeroxed the recipe and gave it to me when I came in May so I could do it at home, she even joined a pack of dried cranberries as those are nearly impossible to find in India.

So today I decided to give chutney making a try, and boy it's so easy to make. The ingredients in the Apple Chutney are a bit costly though, but it's now apple season in India which means I can get some at a decent price, oranges have been a bit trickier as they are not in season at the same time here and what Indians call oranges is what the rest of the world call mandarin or tangerine and is not suitable for that recipe. As a result, I had to buy imported ones.
I had the dried cranberries my grand ma gave me, but I decided to use only half of the recommended amount and complement with fresh pomegranate instead, turns out I will be able to use that option in the future since pomegranate has the same bitterness and feel as cranberries. My recipe called for red wine vinegar, but in India the only vinegar you can find easily is this cheap acrid synthetic white vinegar. So I ended up using less of it.
The whole recipe filled about 4 glass jars (which I keep to store things in my kitchen, and I had a lot lot of empty ones). I promised one of those to my maid who was quite astonished at seeing me actually bother making chutneys at all.

They are cooling down in their closed jars as I write this and an unopened jar can be stored a long long time in a dark cupboard. Making those made me remember my grand ma in her kitchen when I was a child when she was on a Jam making operation. And how my mom tried to follow in her footstep but felt disappointed because no one in the family ate them daily.


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