The pet dogs are the new scapegoat

9:12 AM

Yet again!
Yes again I opened my morning newspaper to see an article about the "nuisance" that pet dogs and their owner are :

And I say ENOUGH ALREADY, I'm so fed up about hearing that pet owners are irresponsible, pollute the areas they live in by letting their dog poop on the street. The regular readers of this blog know how I've been the target of various people around and how I've been even threatened of death by acid.
The streets are full of diapers, plastic bottles, rotting food, auto drivers peeing against walls, dead rats and rags but according to this article it's the pet dogs poop that is now the black demon of all!
Once again, I will say it's easier to blame a creature performing a natural act, if possible while looking indignant that "poochie" won't use a human toilet and flush it, rather than protest to the government for their lack of infrastructure.

I perceive this whole issue as a blatant display of utter hypocrisy, because just this morning while walking my dog I had to hop over 2 baby diapers thrown carelessly on the street, in front of a house where I had a mild issue with the owner for walking my dog. I saw one of the garbage collector, once more struggling to get rubbish out of the gutter, while another aunty simply threw her garbage back from the second floor of another building letting it land with a big "splat" right in the middle of the road, never mind that the thing tore apart at impact and scattered rubbish all over the place.
And people are a bit too quick blaming dog poop on disease, but apparently they do not mind cow dung, bird droppings (from inviting "Croak Squadron" over to feast on heaps of rice left over).

And it's a know fact that fining and punishing has been the government's response to all ills in Bangalore, not because it's the most efficient thing to do. But because it's an old age political stunt that gives the impression that they are doing something while in fact they are dismissing the problem in order not to not have to work too hard on the core issue and risk making a fool of themselves, leaving the masses who elected them satisfied enough so they might get re-elected the next term.


  1. Ugh. That is just...ugh. I absolutely hate that. We don't have a problem with garbage and diapers around here, but the government wants to kill all the Canadian Geese because they poop in the water. Hello? What about the eagles? The crows? The wolves and bears? And hell, what about the fish?! They are all part of nature and are pooping wherever they want. Are you going to go kill them too? I don't know why the government officials have to be so stupid about things like that. It just makes me mad. But I would be furious if someone yelled at me because my dog poops when they throw diapers out the window. SHEESH!

    *hands Cyn a big chocolate chip cookie*

  2. Thanks for the chocolate cookie :-) I needed that.

    Makes me mad when people blame natural acts just not to have to face the reality : that humans are the biggest pigs populating this planet :-(

  3. Anonymous2:06 AM

    cyn, you need to write to the editor of hindu on the lack of perspecitive when it comes to reality. i think their online edition should have an email address

  4. I did write a letter to the Editor even before posting this entry, so far no reply, and no other articles about other rubbish problem in the city.

  5. Hi Cyn, I like your blog! I used to live in Bangalore too. I loved it there! My husband and I met there! Look forward to reading more of your blog!


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