The real superheroes

12:30 PM

Being a girl who has always enjoyed superhero movies, I had to dedicate an article to one of them.

But my prime choice has never been put into a movie and is probably the most successful at keeping their identity "secret". And what's more, they live on this planet in great number.

Funny how those comic book heroes acquired their superpower in a radioactive accident, or following a great drama, or even from coming from another planet or being a victim of a strange mutation. Most of them are men as well. So why so little famous super heroines?
Simply because everyday "normal" women naturally posess those without being freak of natures, the ability to fly without props being the only exception.

Women are highly intuitive, they simply know when something is wrong before it becomes explicit. They also know when one is lying or telling the truth, they just chose to ignore it from time to time and they are not immune to telling themselves lies to make a certain reality more acceptable, but deep down, they KNOW.
They have a sharp vision as well, and can detect the slightest color change in their environment. They know what everybody around them is doing with just one quick glimpse and are ready to act if something changes. They also have a great attention to detail which is a very handy trick they use in their everyday life.
Her sense of smell is no less extraordinary, and she is able to detect a gas leak, know when the diaper needs changing, where the dog has been, and whether the dinner is uncooked, perfectly cooked or on the verge of transforming into inedible charcoal. All that to assure her little world the best of comfort.

Her memory is the stuff computers are made of. She remembers all the dates that matter, when her son's football practice begins and end, what goes in her family's ancestral cookie recipe without much of consulting a book, the schedule of her entire flock and has the entire content of every single storage units in the house mapped to perfection in her brain. So should she loose her sight her family will still have cooked food in their stomach, and the right clothes on their back. What's more they seem to know where misplaced objects are before the sentence "Honey where is my...?" is even finished.

Her strength is such that she can spend an entire day packed with errands  while functioning on a cup of coffee and a slice of bread.She can carry loads of grocery while holding a baby and a dog on the leash at the same time. And even when down with the flu and a killing fever, she will still rise and cater to the need of those around them.
She aced multitasking long before the various versions of Microsoft Windows came up with it. She can pack 4 different lunchboxes while preparing breakfast, brushing her hair, supervising last minute homework,  and writting down a shopping list. She remembers the schedule of her troops, nd she gets dressed while reading the morning paper or being on the phone with a friends who's life seem to have gone upside down and need immediate attention.

If those are not superpowers, what is?

She can remain grace itself when inside her all she wants to do is scream, shout and break a few things. She can be genuinely happy for a friend even if she disapprove in the first place. Congratulate her rival for winning when she fell short and lost. And she often takes the harshest critics this world has to offer, simply swallowing her bitterness so that no one should rightfully or not suffer it.

And pretty much like any fictional superheroes, they are misunderstood, and pressed to give more. She will pack her day with 2 weeks worth of chores, do them well but beat herself up for achieving only 9 out of the 10 things she had on her "To do list". They can't sit down when something has to be done, they feel guilty taking a 20 minutes nap in a busy day. And should money be scarce, they will be the first one to cut their ration in half so that their family can still enjoy and not have to worry.

A friend in need is a valid reason to loose sleep over; a deadline at work a good enough reason to postpone her annual check up and hope a few aspirins will hold her up together until she can take care of something as trivial as her own personal well being. And many of them will still find time to don a screen name, and anonymously help complete stranger on the world wide web be it in chat rooms, message boards or support group.

Should she break down (and it does happen), the world will seem to look at them, accusative, saying "But you have everything to be happy" making her feel guilty about having emotions and needs of her own; so she will take a deep breath gather her strength rise above her own ashes giving selflessly to a needy and hungry world...until the next collapse. She is the personification of the legendary Phoenix.

She is a daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, chef, nurse, doctor, confidante, counsellor, consultant, handyman, finance minister, household manager and more all at once. And yet while not even daring to ask for anything in exchange, she yearns for respect, stability, love and recognition of her amazing talents.

But the world seems to have another form of salary for her:

In many places, she will be doomed to be worth only half a man, despite doing twice as much in a day than the "stronger gender". Should she be a housewife by choice the world will say "But you do nothing of your days, how can you be tired?" And should she be career oriented she will be faced with "What are you complaining about?"
To get a hint of faint recognition and sympathy, it is sadly too common for women to sink as low as appearing to not like what they are doing, they should feel trapped in an unfair situation to deserve a "But you already do so much, don't be harsh on yourself" and then be told "Why don't you change your life if you are not happy?" To only be told "You are so selfish" the minute they squeeze an hour of well deserved rest in a day or do what makes them truly happy.

All the Superman, Batman, Spiderman, or even Daredevils get to win in the end and are adulated for saving the world. But women don't really have this luxury, and yet they keep smiling.

This entry is dedicated to all the women worldwide, who deserve more than just an "international day" once a year.


  1. Anonymous4:17 AM

    I agree on the extraordinaries of women. but funny thing is when it comes to smell, I am way over the top of my wife. I am the one who figures out something not smelling right first, whether its nappy or the source of a bad smell (that it came from the bottom of the refrigirator ).
    On memory, yeah you are dead on its women. i don't even remeber some conversation or even meeting some one while my wife would remember like it was today. again on misplaced objects, its she everytime. she would remember seeing it remember but would forget where she stacked it. me the other way round.

    But on the point on she being daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, chef, nurse, doctor, confidante, counsellor, consultant, handyman, finance minister, household manager etc...men also have similar counter parts - son, father, husband, driver, mover,conseirge service, confidante, counsellor, consultant etc etc.

  2. I'm the ultimate nose :-) but yeah I agree there are men who top women when it comes to detect smell.

  3. Very powerful post, Cyn. I needed to read something like that today :-)

  4. I'm happy to have made your day Di.

  5. limoncello10:54 PM

    very well written. here's another one whom you just put a big smile on her face.


  6. I'm glad I did that Limoncello :-)


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