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8:40 AM

Yes! For once I'm going to distribute praises for efficient service, and I should have done that long time back.
As I said before, in India we use gas powered stoves to cook, and in general, it is via a subsidized company such as Indane or HP gas, through which you register, and once all the paper are in order, they will deliver a cylinder to your place along with a regulator which more or less acts as a proof you are a registered user as this is the one part you need to give back to them if you move (in order to avoid your buying cylinders on the black market I suppose) now HP gas regulators do not fit on any other cylinders than a HP gas one which makes it annoying when you borrow your friend's generic cylinder for a couple of day as I found out.
The plague with those big subsidized companies are that they are not so efficient in delivery of their cylinders so you better not be out of gas as I made the experience here

Its on one of those such incidents that DH and I got properly fed up with HP gas and cancelled our subscription with them, gave back the regulator and went for a local, private gas dealer instead. It was nearly 2 years ago. Signing up was way less complicated with less paperwork and documents required, we got our regulator immediately and he promised to deliver the cylinder by the end of the day. DH and I actually didn't believe it but were astonished to see the gas cylinder delivered as promised in the evening! And after each call for an exchange of cylinders, we had him always keeping his promises, he also came doing a number of services on our previous cylinder as our regulator was damaging the o-ring and resulted in a gas leak each and every time we disconnected the regulator.
This past Sunday, my cylinder comes empty, and I called first thing in the morning on Monday to get a full cylinder, and the guy assured me that he would be there with the new one less than 2 hours, and guess what? He yet again did it! I'm yet to have a problem with him, as he has always kept his word and on the one time he couldn't make it he actually called BEFORE the previously stated hour to inform us he might be a little late.

Sure we might pay our cylinder a bit more than from a company subsidised by the government, but we don't have to wait a week before getting a refill, and for all the skeptics out there who might wonder if this guy is cheating us with tampered assured it hasn't been the case, our cylinders last as long (if not more) than the HP gas ones we used to have. What's more the guy is polite, does his deliveries himself, has always some nice things to say, and contrary to the HP gas deliverers do not beg for tips and extra money for carrying the cylinder up the stairs...I surely can live with that.
So to my cooking gas supplier here are some flowers and praises for being efficient, keeping promises, polite and having a smile on his face.


  1. Anonymous4:14 AM

    good to know that something works. I think you would have already done this, but i am pointing out anyway. You can confess to him that you found his service very good and that you appreciate his company and him and being prompt. I've had bitter experiences with those subsidized folks and i had to write to the petrolium ministry. And the ministry acted (surprise!!). but then the supply aqent was so pissed off that he had his office assistants call my wife up to scare her

  2. I sure did praise him :-)

    I am surprised that the ministry acted, but not too surprised to see the dealer strike back and call you wife to scare her.

    When they sent the agent to get back my regulator and empty cylinders and refund my deposit they had that very sleasy man come over who first tried to cheat me on the refund all while hitting on me, and then pretexted that the reason I was not entitled to the full deposit was because the HP gas sticker on the regulator was scratched, but said he was willing to discuss this over a cup of coffee and sandwiches with me, and I toild him to get the 200 rupees missing out of his pocket right this second or I would call the police and report his attempt to flirt with me, and that it would even be my pleasure to personnaly drag him down the street to the police station. In a matter of seconds the 200 bucks were out of his pocket and he didn't waste time leaving my house quite scared I might actually put my plan to execution should he linger there.

  3. Anonymous5:32 AM

    haah ahah. that was good!. most of these touts have no balls and would run in the instant they see offensive mode!.

  4. Hi Cyn,
    I am enjoying your blog and looking back through your older posts too.

    Theres a chance of us moving to Bangalore in a few months so I'm finding it very interesting.

  5. You are welcome honeybee, I hope your move will be a smooth one and that you'll like it in Bangalore should you move there :-)


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