Happy Diwali

5:49 PM

Another year passed, and another Diwali celebration with it. DH and I were in Bangalore this time celebrating with friends, but as usual we did all the shopping at the last minute, though this year we "could" blame it on the fact we were not quite sure when it was, my calendar said it was on the 27th, the Internet and my day planner said it was on the 28th, and DH's office said it was on the 29th. Turned out that Bangalore does it on the 27th, North India on the 28th, and for some reason most offices give their employees the day off on the 29th for a yet to be known reason.
As usual when we are in Bangalore we put a LOT of diyas (clay oil lamps) all around the place, but keep it low on the firecrackers which isn't to displease me as I don't really like the loud ones much, and a few sparklers is all it takes to make me happy.
I wish though that my next door neighbours did the same, they started blowing up money on the 26th as soon as the stalls selling fireworks opened and on that day it must have been about 7000 rupees worth of gun powder that drove my dog crazy and made me wonder if I would not permanently loose my hearing (the smell was horrendous too, and I miraculously didn't get any asthma issue). Once they were done with the whole thing they dumped all the empty boxes on the street making me steam with rage as not only they bothered the whole neighbourhood, had a part of my own terrasse nearly burn, they apparently showed once more that they have no respect and class to go with their inflated budget, and the next morning it was up to the garbage collector to squat and pick up leftover fireworks and ALL the boxes, simply because the neighbour thought it was better to dump it all in the street rather than put them in a plastic bag and hand the whole thing to the lady in charge of cleaning.

On the 27th, they must have blown another 10 000 rupees, taking out the heavy weaponry out including several multi-packs, a couple of 10 meters long Chinese crackers chains and a big one of 25 meter long, and instead of doing that on their own rooftop, they do it directly in the street near parked cars increasing not only the risk of damage to other's vehicle (theirs being parked at a safe distance) but also the risk of accidents to other's houses. And yes, once all done with it again, they dumped all the empty boxes in the street, while all the others who did crackers that day handed theirs to the garbage collector in person!
On the 28th, DH and I went to a friend's place bringing our remaining fireworks (we didn't blew all of our modest budget on the 27th). But on the way back home we noticed that once again the neighbour went wild with another easy 5000 worth of trash dumped on the street, his car pared in front of our garage door at a safe distance, blocking our own access to safety for the motorbike we own, forcing DH to go to their place to ask the removal of the car.

So while we went easy on the Diwali expenses, our neighbour blew up an amount of money equal to our new fully automatic front load washing machine and showed once more that money can't buy class (not that we needed any extra proof).

I was talking with some friends and how shopping malls were still full with an upper middle class spending as much as before despite the recession and we agreed it was quite nut indeed.
Diwali is supposed to bring wealth and prosperity to people, but for some I'm wondering if it's not simply going to bring high interest loan payment and unnecessary EMIs instead. There is nothing wrong with celebrating and having fun, but going as far as overspending simply because shopping malls want you to believe that buying now is auspicious is quite different in my book.


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