Taking the Garden out of the City

4:55 PM

Bangalore is often called "The Garden City" but in the few years I've been living there, it seems people are doing everything possible not to live in a Garden anymore. I've seen trees being badly treated around here.
my street once a lush green heaven is now looking like a concrete jungle more and more each day. It started with a person down the street chopping down their Jack fruit tree, the neighbours across the street giving a serious "leaf cut" to trees blocking the view from their windows, and just last week, my absolute favourite tree got it's own pruning. And here pruning could as well mean decapitating.
This tree is right next to my house, and has (or had) a few branches going slightly over our roof top terrace and the neighbour's one.
Here is a picture I took 3 years ago right after moving in :

The branch slightly "eating" the edge of the banister has been chopped down about a week after we first moved in. Since then it grew back a little and was starting to reach the top of my banister again.

Now this tree is very beautiful and I particularly love the bright orange flowers covering it in August/September. Here is another picture taken before last week's massacre :

And now finally to what happened to it last week, I suspect the lady living next door ordered that butchery as all the branches that got removed were some falling over her own house and during the blooming season that means orange flower gracing rooftops every day. And Bangaloreans seem to take care of the problem like this : 

Notice that half the tree is gone, chopped down to ensure that not a single orange flower will ever "pollute" my neighbour's terrace and depriving me from the enjoyment of watching nature's beauty from up close.
If this hasn't broken your heart yet here is a disgusting close up : 

The job has been done by an army of climbing wood choppers with machetes, and my neighbour happily giving direction on what to chop (it's the second tree in 7 days she ordered a trim for the previous victim being a lovely tree with yellow flower).
The result is that only the branches falling on the street remain, and make the tree look like it's going to tip over, and I fear this is exactly what will happen next April-May when the first rain storms will come back as the root in a moist loose soil will not be able to hold a tree that has all its weight on one side. And I can see it from here, Auntie will be the first one to complain if the tree should crash down, and I better not hear it because I won't be able to hold my tongue.

This tree was host to several species of birds, and squirrel enjoying the cool green canopy on a hot Summer day. And in January when the pods are ripe and ready to spread their seeds, I can enjoy the sight of beautiful green parrots ripping them open with their sharp beak and get a seasonal meal, this year they will have to feast on half a tree.
I find the whole episode sad, and it even angers me a little, because we keep hearing about how we should reduce our carbon footprint, ensure a greener tomorrow, and how trees are essential, and those idiots chop them down in the worst way possible simply because sweeping their house daily is a hassle? And in the hot summer month they will be the first one complaining about the heat, turn on the AC at full blast and then complain some more when there will be even more power cuts.
They surely got it all right huh?


  1. Ugh!!! That tree has been butchered! It looks dismal and ugly now. Do these people even realize what they are doing? How can they not realize the ugliness of their act?!

  2. I have no idea how those people react to this massacre and what they are thinking, all I can see now is a big fat eyesore next to my house. And while they were doing the job all I could think was "bloody murder" and shoot daggers at the auntie living next door for happily giving direction on what to cut

  3. Ugh, that's terrible!
    My next door neighbors did this to about 8 crape myrtles that hang over our fence, but apparently they do it every year for seasonal pruning (we found out when we complained). It looks horrendous though. Like someone took to it with a blindfold on.


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