Power failure

To the rythm of power cuts

4:15 PM

Bangalore is having some elctricity problems again, and for about a week now it's been hard to get blogging, or anything computer related for that matter. 3-4 times a day my UPS would go beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep, due to yet another power falure, even watching a movie on TV in the evening is a thougie as you might get cut at the most thrilling moment where the hero is about to win or die.
I was really wondering what was happening until I read in the paper that power plants have a shortage of raw material and therefore cannot meet all our electricity needs. The governement announced that from November 14th until sometimes in december every households in the city will have a schedule cut for one hour between 6am and 10am and then another one between 6pm and 10pm, commercial buildings and offices will suffer one big cut of 2 hours a day, urban areas around bangalore power cuts for 4hours straight and rural area in the State 12hours!!!!!!

I also noticed that the street lights in my neighbourhood go off in the middle of the night (typically when no one needs them) in an effort to save energy I presume.

While I think cutting our power for 2 hours a day might look like a temporary solution 9not sure if it is really that efficient but I'm glad it's winter time and we aren't melting away in the heat), I think emphasis should be put on education and how one can reduce their power bill and consumption by adopting a few energy efficient measures : Not leaving the light on in every rooms, switching to CFL light bulbs, switching off any unused electronic equipment (and yes the TV stand by mode has to go off), promoting solar water heaters...
And appliances manufacturers should really get a bonus for making A to A+ furniture (the ABC...energy rating is a European concept though), I've seen a star system already used to rate AC units and Fridges, but not a single 5 star one, the best one have a 4 star ratings...can do better.

But to be more realistic, this restriction on power and schedule cuts are in my opinion announcing what is to come : more power cuts as we are inevitably nibbling away non-renewable energy sources which are starting now to come in shorter supply.


  1. Hi... Im not sure if you are still blogging, but I have been lurking here for some time and I think this is my first comment.

    I tagged you for 6 random things about yourself. Only if you are interested!

    And happy new year!!

  2. Thanks for posting, I haven't stopped blogging all together :-) but surely didn't have the time or enegery recently, hopefully that will change soon.
    I might do the 6 random things about myself later, along with all the topics I feel I need to write once I get the time to sit down and write.


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