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I have nothing to wear

2:58 PM

And this time it is not a lie! Yesterday I was rather inspired and decided to finally clean my wardrobe after 6 months of postponing doing it, the main reason was that it looked like something exploded in there and I could not find all my favourite stuff.
At home I tend to wear old tees and track pants, so it is still ok, but when I go out I generally wear jeans in winter, and light fitted pants in Summer (paired with a tee shirt or a short kurta). Sure I have quite a few salwaar suits too, but I wear them in places where I need to look traditional (my in-law's) or when it is really too hot.
With the pregnancy being at 3.5 months now I'm quite obviously starting to show, though it looks more like a beer belly than a baby bump. The family trademark "tyre" I had my whole life has morphed from a bicycle tyre to a motorbike one, and while I was at it yesterday I decided to check which pants still fit, and which didn't in my selection of western wear. Verdict: Only one old pair of jeans still close but feel uncomfy, and only one light weight loose fitting linen pants bought in Switzerland this last Summer during the sale fits, all the other ones will not even zip up! But to stay positive, I must have lost weight with all that morning sickness the first trimester as some of my pants that were snug around the butt pre-pregnancy now fit well there. So I lost weight in some places or I suffered a massive fat migration to my front belly section!

I'm now face with the unavoidable: buy maternity wear. And I've been trying to locate stores online in Bangalore (found a few I'll have to visit this weekend), but it is mostly depressing, as I read way too many blogs and queries about future moms as helpless as me. India is NOT so high on maternity wear, it seems the country as a whole still think it is ok to look like monster parachutes or circus tents during the most amazing 9 months of your life. Not a single regular retail chain store in town seem to have a maternity line, heck if you are more than a size 34 for jeans they relegate you the Aunty section of the store anyway so I guess PG women fit into the aunty-ji category as well and must go for the salwaar suits, and mind you the cute slawaar sets in shopper stop, fab india and such never come in large sizes, only the old frumpy unflattering ones are left.
While I have a few very cute slawaar suits at the moment, the top is feeling snug already as during pregnancy it is not just the belly that expand, but the chest as well. And never mind that hormones are not helping, I want to look good, but for some reasons I find it difficult. I naturally have a preference for form fitting attractive bottoms and a nice flow-y top or a stretch t-shirt and I plan on continuing to do so in Pregnancy, for Some reason I feel more comfortable with clothing that wrap the belly area comfortably while not being loose or too tight so that it feels like a second skin.
The first store I located in google was Mothercare, a big international brand, but a costly one that too at the other end of town. I'll surely pay a visit at one point, but I don't see myself buying everything from there, as heck our yearly budget has to accommodate a lot of baby stuff as well.
The second one is an online store called 9 months, but their catalogue didn't impress me at all, there are very few outfits, mostly tops, only 2-3 pants which look rather thick and won't be appropriate for the hot pre-monsoon months and that too insanely expensive without even being all that pretty.
The third one is a small boutique in Koramangala called Studio Mom, that one I will have to check as many reviews and articles keep singing the praises of that place, for it's selection as well as the low prices, I'm mostly in need of pants for now, but it's good to read that this store do more western wear type than most. SO I'm keeping my hopes up it will live up to my expectation.
I saw some forum posts praising a store called "Cherish" but upon looking more in depth it turns out it's a store catering to South Indian ladies, and having principally large kurti, night gowns, and dresses and not many pants, some reviewers even said the material used wasn't nice the cuts shapeless so I more or less will nix this one.
Another one I apparently need to check from all the reviews about it is "maa'ternity", though I couldn't find as many raving and detailed reviews about that one as for Studio Mom I will definitely have a look.

But the more I look into maternity wear and baby stuff the more I start to worry, India seem not to really be the place for good quality infant products either. DH is about to buy a car, and I am dead set on getting a car seat for the baby as it is total lunacy not to get one, as safety on the road is a critical issue and clutching baby in your arm in a car is the most dangerous thing EVER, but so far my online search for good quality car seats available in India is close to Nil, and I fear doing a in store market survey will be depressing too.


  1. Have you tried having a local tailor make some clothes for you? I've had pretty good success with tailors in India - if I can show them exactly what I want - they can usually produce very good results. (Especially if you do find some maternity clothes that you like, you could always have more made - using those as an example). Just a thought - good luck with your hunt & congratulations on your pregnancy!

  2. Well the issue with local tailors is that they are generally good at making clothes for the figure you are in right now, and western style maternity wear is generally designed to evolve with the body as the belly grows so it needs more planning that I'm affraid a local tailor will not grasp fully.
    In fact they are starting to get the hang of women's western clothes now, because there is more exposure to these, but there is still very little exposure to maternity wear.
    I know a good tailor or two for salwaar suits, but they do not do western wear.
    As I said my big issue is pants, I can still find kurtas and tops anywhere, but a good pair of pants or two that will follow me for a good part of the pregnancy if not until the end is a must, those generally involve a wide elastic panel on the front or hiden on the sides, not something I feel a local tailor can easily replicate unless they know what it is all about.


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