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One of the reasons for me not to blog often for the past few months other than my having a lot of work, was that I spent the free time I had or sleeping or dealing with morning sickness as I found out early November that I was pregnant again and that conception occurred during the Diwali leave of 3 weeks during which DH flew back from Zurich to spend with me.

Since I miscarried in February, I was quite anxious about this one and not so ready to spill the beans until the end of the dreaded 1st trimester, but at my 11w3d ultrasound on December 20th all was well and my doctor told me that as of now I was in the safety zone. The morning sickness took a little longer to go away but I'm finally in a place where I can eat a great variety of food for the past week or so. Also had a Dr appointment with my OB-GYN's substitute as she is on leave until march the 2nd, not sure I like this new lady a whole lot as she made faces at my food cravings and such and urging me to eat more Indian style food, while all I want now is salads, and pasta and a rather continental diet, but as my mom pointed out to me in an email, each culture is partial to their own diet and cuisine and that as long as I eat healthy, and take my vitamins I will be fine.

Baby will make her/his big entrance in July and we can't wait to meet face to face with our little bundle.
DH came back from Zurich permanently on December 14th, and is now actively looking for a car, we are more or less decided on the new Hyundai i20 that just went out because it comes with more feature than any other car and is still fairly priced. More on that later.
But that sure is a new chapter of our life that is about to start, not to mention a whole new adventure for me to live :-)


  1. Wow! Congrats Cyn! I wish you the best of luck with your pregnancy! I bet you're really excited and can't wait to meet your little one to be!

    *hugs Cyn and hands over a basket of goodies*

  2. Hi, I have a doubt. Since you mentioned that you has a miscarriage before, and since I am pregnant now having had an operation for chocolate cysts on both my ovaries, I wanted to know if you were given any injections in your first trimester? I was on fertility treatments for a month after my operation where the doctor checked if my body responded well with the fertility meds. I did not conceive, but the egg was released from the ovary etc. so the doctor decided that she would let us "do it" for a few months and if nothing happens, she would put us on another cycle of fertility meds to conceive. This is because I have a history of PCOS and endometric cysts for two years prior - and well now I am 3 months pregnant (conceived naturally thank God) and I am still on HCG trigger injections twice a week since my second month and wanted to know whether this was common and whether you faced this issue. I am hesitant to change my doctor because she has been with me during my cysts-days!

    Also, I am glad you got pregnant after the miscarriage. Having been operated for cysts and having taken medication for PCOS for a year before - and knowing my dim chances of having a child naturally - I can really understand how much we crave for a child and I really appreciate being pregnant now just like you must have!

  3. I never had any injections of HCG trigger, I concieved naturally, both time, the second time my new OB put me on soe hormones tablet I guess it was oestrogen, though not sure, the nae was "susten 200" I had to take it twice a day if I remember well. I was also on metformin to deal with the PCOS symptoms, and insulin resistance issue, this alone was enough to regulate my cycles it seems.
    I'm of blood group A negative and DH is AB positive so the only injection I got was the Rhogam injection at something past 30 weeks of pregnancy, and then again right after birth while still in hospital because my daughter is AB positive like her dad :)
    For a while I was worried about that rhesus compatibility because I read online that before 8 weeks of pregnancy there aren't much risk of blood contamination, but there can be some later on, but my OB assured me that since mine was a missed miscarriage that showed a foetus no older than 6 weeks and I got induced at 8+ weeks I was safe, the Indirect Coomb test cleared the doubts, it was negative and no contamination occured from the miscarriage.

    I never got operated for cyst though, but I know how you feel about appreciating being pregnant, after my miscarriage I was very angry especially at those who just terminate a pregnancy because they found out they are having a girl. getting my periods regular after the miscarriage took a several months for some reason, so with each passing months I was craving a baby even more.

  4. Thanks. I have never ever had irregular periods. Which in turn made it very difficult for me to recognize that my ovaries could be developing cysts. I have however suffered from severe pain during my first two days of periods. But since that is such a common symptom of periods ( and also one of the symptoms of PCOS and cysts..), I just let it go until August of last year when day 1 of my periods was accompanied by acute pain that I just could not tolerate. I got a scan done and figured that I had cysts and it had grown to a size that needed to be operated.

    To this day I have no idea why my doctor insisted that I undergo a cycle of fertility treatments after my operation when I had never tried to conceive before, so there was no proof that either DH or I were infertile! That was where I had my first doubt on my doctor. I wasn't sure why she wanted to experiment, but it stopped with one month with her coming to the conclusion that my periods are now regular and my body is responding to the treatment (funny because my periods were always regular ) , however I just let it go. Plus I convinced myself that she did a good job with my cysts operation, so I would continue to see her after I did conceive as well.

    Now that I am well past my first three months, and the doctor is showing no sign of stopping the HCG injections (twice a week, meaning I have already taken 16 of them...), I am now getting concerned as to whether or not I should consult another doctor for a second opinion. Talk about LATE REALIZATION!!

    Could you tell me which doctor you consulted as I live in Bangalore too!! This weekend I have made an appointment with another doctor, and maybe two second opinions would do me good after all !

  5. My OB-GYN in Bangalore was Dr Vidya Desai, her clinic is in Indira Nagar. the phone number to her clinic is: 9880028409
    HCG in the second trimester sounds odd to me though, by then the placenta should have taken over and you should need them.
    Getting a second opinion never hurts.

  6. Thank you very much. Excuse me for this late response, but I am unusually complacent when it comes to certain important decisions and it took me this long to finally go consult another doc... I spoke to Dr. Vidya Desai but she lives way too far from where I stay in South Bangalore so both the places she consults - Indira Nagar clinic as well as the Manipal Hospital in Old Airport Road - both are really far considering the lousy Bangalore traffic.

    I did consult Dr.Latha Venkatraman. She is quite famous in South Bangalore and she suggested that I was unnecessarily being pumped with too many drugs. To cut a long story short, I was asked to stop all medications apart from folic acid, as that was all that was required at 13 weeks of pregnancy ( I was still on harmone tablets, and asked to take calcium and iron). This doc convinced me that pregnancy is a natural process and even a person like me who has had a history of PCOS and cysts could have a relatively drug-free pregnancy..

    Thanks for your support.

    - Navya

  7. Good to hear you find a good Dr and es I hear you about the Bangalore traffic problem, if you live in South Bangalore it makes no sense at all to drive all the way to Indiranagar for check ups and delivery, since Dr Vidya only works with Manipal Hospital.
    Being on just folic acid makes much more sense now that you are out of the first trimester, I think I got calcium and Iron added at around 15 weeks or so though, and that was about it as far as tablets were concerned for the rest of the pregnancy.


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