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9:33 PM

Due to my recent wardrobe crisis, maternity wear shopping imposed itself and that is what DH and I went about doing this weekend.
After ready a few reviews about the shop called "Studio Mom" located in Koramangala in Bangalore I decided to give it a visit first. After googling for it's exact address we went on Saturday evening, but couldn't find the shop as it was dark, and we were unaware that it was closed at 6pm. DH thought that or the address was wrong or the place closed down but we agreed we would call the next day.
And that's what DH did after checking the address in google again, the lady told us that normally the shop was closed on Sunday, but that if we called right before coming she could maybe open the store for us to have a look. And this is what she did!
Now you might easily pass in front of the house several time and not see it, the shop is ran from this lady's residence, and a small sign at the gate indicates it's presence. Tucked away behind a few cars we saw the shop's window and stepped into a tiny showroom loaded with maternity wear, new mom supplies and baby outfits.
And let me tell you all the raving reviews about it were so RIGHT this boutique has an amazing range to choose from, be it western wear or Indian wear you will find something attractive there. And the prices are extremely decent, heck most of the pants I bought were under Rs 1000 and the maternity jeans Rs 1200 which is still cheaper than my non maternity jeans that I had to relegate at the bottom of my wardrobe this past Thursday. The other plus of those pants? The can be worn all through your pregnancy from a tiny pouch to an all out belly bump, thanks to the concealed adjustable elastic strap inside the pants, so you end up buying pants you are actually going to use for more than just 2-3 months. I also got some advice on sizes and despite us coming on a closed day we still felt welcome (though she was obviously a bit rushed with her 3 kids in the house and a lunch coming).
On the clothes itself: WOW, the one I selected are made of soft cotton or stretch fabric and fit beautifully while being extremely comfortable, making me wonder why oh why I persisted into squeezing myself into regular jeans for so long.

I can safely say that if you are a mom to be in Bangalore, this is one shop you can't afford to give a miss!


  1. Congratulations! First, for the pregnancy. That's just wonderful news! Second, for finding the right maternity store. Sending lots of good wishes your way.

  2. I thought I had already said this but a big CONGRATULATIONS on your new baby! Good luck with the maternity clothes. Let us know if you find a nice shop.

  3. Thank you :-)

    well I guess I found the nicest shop already :-) I don't think I want to go see another than Studio mom now.


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