Cheese-a-holic in no cheese land

11:10 AM

Being Swiss, I grew up on a cheese diet, every dinner were about cheese in a form or another, and a fridge without cheese is empty.
India is not a cheese nation, and the only type you can find around is processed cheese which pretty much feel like rubber and do not taste so nice. But I became used to that and always thought bad cheese is better than no cheese at all.

That motto took a whole new meaning with my pregnancy, the first trimester I had major cheese cravings, and I mean major. I would eat toasted cheese sandwiches, cheese slices, raid my stock of Swiss cheese microwaveable fondues, and was so desperate for my cheese fix that I would call Domino's Pizza twice a week to order their barbecue chicken pizza with extra cheese and make it a "cheese burst pizza" as well. Since I was also coping with morning sickness and these pizza only come in medium size, a pizza lasted 2-3 meals (and yes they do microwave really well if you set the strength of the oven at 80% and heat for 40 seconds).

With the 2nd trimester, my craving is still there though less desperate. But even then I will just go for about just anything cheese whenever I can. But there are days I ache for real Swiss cheese, which some hypermarket took on selling, at about 300-400 rupees for 100 grams (about 3 times the price I would pay in Switzerland for the same thing).
This is a definite no no for me, as I don't have an over inflated expat's salary to spend on such a thing and desperation to get my cheese will not make me loosen the purse's strings.

The closest to cheese I've come to is the "Gouda" by Amul which is an Indian brand. Let me tell you, it doesn't taste anything like Gouda, which is a Dutch Cheese by the way. But the saltyness of that particular Amul version does taste quite close to Gruyere which is a Swiss cheese. The other day I had my friend from Switzerland sample it and he said that indeed it does taste a lot like the Swiss cheese we all know, with maybe a hint of Gouda in it as well.

So cheese lover of India on a budget, you know which one to splurge on if you want to keep your taste buds happy.
And I will end this blog entry on that cheesy note. Pregnancy is mushing my brain, and I don't have much inspiration when it comes to write.

And those who wonder why I don't comment on activists attacks in Karnataka, rest assured I'm doing it deliberately. There is such a thing as not pushing the hormones too far.


  1. heheehee, glad you're getting your cheese fix! :-) And I second that motion, a fridge without cheese is empty!

  2. limoncello : )4:47 PM

    i third that.

    hi sweetie! i wouldn't know how dh and i would survive in a land without cheese. scary thought! lmao!

    CONGRATS again to you and your DH. have a fantastic weekend. c'ya on the board.

  3. Awww pregnancy cravings must be terrible when you cant get them! Do you like paneer? I know, its not the same.

    How often do you get to visit Switzerland? Would you be able to bring any back with you?

  4. Anonymous8:39 PM

    You are not gonna die without cheese.
    Even I dont get my Real Ghee here.But no issues.survived on butter.since it was my decision to move here. and for you too it was your own decision to move to India nobody has forced us.


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