Morale Brigade

When will it stops?

9:51 AM

There are mornings when opening the paper prompt me to blog, and today is one of these days when on page 3 I fall on this article:

Nothing so new under the sun, kannada activist groups, hindu extremist groups and the like have been creating havoc since our current State Chief Minister has been elected last year. A BJP member who hasn't made much effort to hide is support to Bajrang Dal and other groups I will be bold enough to call terrorist groups (a thing media shy away from).
In September it was setting ablaze churches to condemn a so called forced conversion practice from Christian institution, moved on to harassing people who mix with other religious group, especially in Mangalore where if you are hindu god forbid that you help you muslim neighbour in anyway, leave alone talk to him, the morale brigade will fall on you.
And more recently in January and February, those same groups decided it was appropriate to put women in the "right" path again storming a pub, and molesting ladies seated there in the name of Indian Culture and Rama...yeah right! What did our Chief minister do? Not much as usual, he more or less condemned the attack, and was quick to add that the group involved which called itself the "Sri Ram Sene" was not tied up to the Bajrang Dal, how does that make a difference if you as me? Because as far as I see the Sri Ram Sene is no better than the Bajrang Dal at promoting cultural tolerance to begin with and take law into their own hand just the same!
Valentine's Day became a massive thing as those extremist vowed to chase love birds with wedding gralands and tumeric stick in hand in public places to force a marriage on them, which prompted a liberal group to chase the extremist with roses, and have the police on high alert in the entire State. Since when did candy hearts, and stuffed red bear became such a problem?
Apparently accorded to those groups, they are a threat to Indian culture, pretty much in the same way that women drinking alcohol is!
But they didn't stop there, mind you, now judging by this article, they are going after women wearing jeans and driving cars! And if you don't speak Kannada that seem to inflame them even more.
Newspaper are full of these stories almost daily now, but I'm yet to see one of them utter the right word for those action : terrorism! Nope mind you Terrorists are muslim and if possible Pakistani, and they bomb trains, and burn down 5 star hotels. The hindu groups who make their best to make sure people live in fear of having a right to freedom of expression and repress women for not wearing Sarees, or Slawaar kameeze while drinking in pubs instead of cooking chapati at home going as far as humiliating them and molesting them are simply called: ACTIVISTS!
I say let's call a spade a spade once and for all, any group from any religion or culture taking matter into their own hand with the intent of spreading terror and fear in society is called a terrorist group...PERIOD so maybe it's time for the media to grasp their complete right of freedom of expression and stop putting gloves on each time a Bajrang Dal, Sri Ram Sene or other Shiv Sena ignores the Indian constitution and strike in all impunity just because the political party in the State in question covers them.
If those groups want to spread fear among the masses, maybe the masses should step up and give them a reason to fear for their skin too!
And when a lady can be beaten up out of her car by 4 tugs in front of a big crowd with no one moving, I say it's time to teach a bit more civism in schools and less science and maths!


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